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Miss Maiden wrote: World Book Day - The Bible
We really enjoyed World Book Day in Year 2.  Have a look at our fantastic costumes. (More)
As part of our work on shape we went outside to see how many different 3D shapes we could find in the environment.  We found a lot of cylinders, such as the bins, the railings and the logs in the Sensory Garden.  We also found a lot of cuboids, suc (More)
We have been investigating shape in Year 2.  We folded different 2D shapes to find the line of symmetry.  If a shape has a line of symmetry it means that it is identical on either side of the line.      (More)
Miss Maiden wrote: North West Ambulance Service
Today we were visited by the North West Ambulance Service.  They came to our assembly and talked to us about the job they do. They had a special surprise for Daisy Rosenheck in Class 2M.  She had designed a Christmas card for them in a competition (More)
Miss Maiden wrote: The Great Fire of London
We really enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London.  We know all about it because a man called Samuel Pepys wrote a diary.  In our Big Write we pretended that we were alive in 1666 and wrote a diary entry about what happened.  We learnt (More)
Miss Maiden wrote: Party Day
Year 2 have really enjoyed Party Day.  They have played party games in the hall, enjoyed singing Christmas songs, made party hats, eaten a delicious party lunch and had a visit from Father Christmas.  What a fantastic day! (More)
Miss Ascroft wrote: Year 2 Maths
Today we have been finding 10 more and 10 less of numbers to 100. We know that the units stay the same and the tens change.  (More)
Miss Ascroft wrote: Statistics in Maths
This week we are learning about statistics. Today we thought of different ways to categorize our names. We sorted our names alphabetically and according to whether they started or ended in vowels. (More)
Miss Maiden wrote: Remembrance Day
We have really enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day in Year  2.  This morning we went to the Remembrance Day worship which was led by Year 6.  Year 6 were superb!  Edward played The Last Post on his trumpet and then we had 2 minutes of silence (More)
Miss Maiden wrote: Picasso Portraits
2M have completed their Picasso Portraits. They look fabulous! Fantastic work from everyone. Well done. (More)
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