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Miss Maiden wrote: WSW - Monday 9th October
Generosity is ... Giving something of value to someone else Encouraging the best in each other Never selfish Enjoying helping others Raising support for a good cause Offering what we can Sharing our time and our talents Inviti (More)
Miss Maiden wrote: Our Christian Values
Mr Nash and Katy came into school to lead our Whole School Worship on Monday.  It was the start of our Faith Fortnight.  They talked to us about being healthy on the inside as well as the outside.  Mr Nash showed us a branch that had been blown of (More)
On Monday we had a visitor in school leading our Whole School Worship.  Chaplain Joe works at Archbishop Temple High School and it was his first visit to our school.  He talked to us about our names and what they mean.  He told us that the name Je (More)
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