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Albert wrote: Sports Day!
The rampaging reds glory is gone with a two year run for the brilliant blues. The yellows are dropping down to nothingness even more than usual (no offence to yellows because they are the best). Great greens moving up to second after a surprising las (More)
Cycling is a very serious business and definitely is not supposed to be fun. In conclusion you should never enjoy yourself whilst riding a bike. Well if that was a conclusion then this is the end. Not! Cycling for 5S was a giant success except for (More)
Claudia wrote: 5s Safer Cycling
On Wednesday and Thursday, class 5S ,the best class in the world, went cycling. We went with Mr Stamp, Mrs Grelis, Miss Biscombe, Mrs Nash and Mrs Knight, the best teachers EVER! First of all, we learnt how to place our bikes on he road, without bein (More)
You might have heard of Greek, Roman, Egypt or Norse myths this is how to write your own. 1.To start right a plan including your character's name and their backstory. For the name make it unusual, not Baz, if in doubt add the letters -us at the en (More)
Megan wrote: Megan ~ broken leg!
As you guys may know , I broke my tibia a few weeks ago and I want to let you know how I'm doing. My leg is in plaster , a cool purple one, unfortunately there are things I cant do. I cant go to my swimming lesson, my martial arts (where I'm a black (More)
I really like the Olympics so does Megan....Atleast I think she does,(Megan:I do.) Did you know that the gold medals are actually silver with a gold layers on top? Did you know that in cycling a Korean cyclist fell off his bike and had to go to hospi (More)
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