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You Will Need: A Buzzer, Three Wires, A Battery pack and a fairly long piece of string. First of all you need to attach one wire to the positive end ; the other to the negative so the machine will work. Secondly, you have to make sure your buzzer wor (More)
Emily wrote: ELECTRICITY!
This term in science we are learning about advanced electrical circuits. We were allowed to choose our own partners so obviously I chose my best friend Maynie! For our design we made a burglar alarm that slides on the doorhandle and it was so much f (More)
My Best friend is Maynie and here is an acrostic poem about her 😜😍😘 More than just a friend 👭 Amazingly talented💃🏻 Year 5 is when we made friends5️⃣ Nobody is a better friend❤️ In (More)
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