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We had three people come into school to put on a gameshow for us,the two contstants, Phoebe and Tom,competed to see who would be more safe out and about and online. In the gameshow (run by Mr Flipflop) had a clear winner ........ TOM. Whearas Pheobe (More)
Claudia wrote: 5s Safer Cycling
On Wednesday and Thursday, class 5S ,the best class in the world, went cycling. We went with Mr Stamp, Mrs Grelis, Miss Biscombe, Mrs Nash and Mrs Knight, the best teachers EVER! First of all, we learnt how to place our bikes on he road, without bein (More)
Claudia wrote: Mysterious sighting
Dear Barbara, The other day, I saw a mysterious dragon like creature. I was casually strolling down the street when this strange creature approached me. At this time I was all alone, which made it even scarier than it really was, as the dragon jus (More)
Lucy wrote: Animal Love
I bet Officer  Clawhauser  from Zootropolis  might have a think to say about this mischievous pair.The cute 10 week old beautiful spotty cheetah has found its match,a lovely 7 week old puppy.The cheeky cheetah has reacently be stopping his buddy f (More)
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