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We had three people come into school to put on a gameshow for us,the two contstants, Phoebe and Tom,competed to see who would be more safe out and about and online. In the gameshow (run by Mr Flipflop) had a clear winner ........ TOM. Whearas Pheobe (More)
1.Firstly,think of the storyline, use your imagination,in myths there are three headed dogs and half man half horse creatures. 2.Secondly,don't use boring conjunctions to much,it gets really tedious listening to 'and, and, and, and 'ext all the time (More)
Thomas wrote: Gymnastics
Gymnastics is a sport where you do lots of acrobatics just like flips and cartwheels  and at the olympics Max whitlock got two golds and Louis smith got one bronze so it was a good year at the Olympics for men gymnastics. So last year  we won the (More)
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