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This Friday ,Friday 22nd September, the first ever fencing match will be taking place at the unknown ashbridge primary school. The people from the best school ever, St Andrews, that are taking part are: harry Haworth 6A, harry Lancaster 6S and Danie (More)
We had three people come into school to put on a gameshow for us,the two contstants, Phoebe and Tom,competed to see who would be more safe out and about and online. In the gameshow (run by Mr Flipflop) had a clear winner ........ TOM. Whearas Pheobe (More)
Cycling is a very serious business and definitely is not supposed to be fun. In conclusion you should never enjoy yourself whilst riding a bike. Well if that was a conclusion then this is the end. Not! Cycling for 5S was a giant success except for (More)
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