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On the 21st of October 2016, we clustered through the small doors of 6M and 6T excited for our upcoming trip in just a couple of minutes! A wave of  excitement rippled though the 60 of us. At last!! Time to get on the coach. Obviously I chose to sit (More)
Emily wrote: Speed Camera📸
On the 24th October 2016 the year 6s went out onto the pavement to see if any cars were breaking the speed limit. We split everyone into two groups and went outside one group at a time. When we got outside we found a sign and held it up so the dri (More)
You Will Need: A Buzzer, Three Wires, A Battery pack and a fairly long piece of string. First of all you need to attach one wire to the positive end ; the other to the negative so the machine will work. Secondly, you have to make sure your buzzer wor (More)
Dear Diary, This morning I woke up to find out that it was only one day till robin wood !!! I am so excited that I cannot control myself! Although we still have a whole day left to go, I may go MENTAL . Seriously , what's the point in Thursday's . (More)
My Best friend is Maynie and here is an acrostic poem about her 😜😍😘 More than just a friend 👭 Amazingly talented💃🏻 Year 5 is when we made friends5️⃣ Nobody is a better friend❤️ In (More)
Emily wrote: ELECTRICITY!
This term in science we are learning about advanced electrical circuits. We were allowed to choose our own partners so obviously I chose my best friend Maynie! For our design we made a burglar alarm that slides on the doorhandle and it was so much f (More)
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