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This set of instructions will show you a basic way to write a good  myth. First of all we'll have a look at openers. Openers help you with attracting  readers and make it sound more interesting. Some examples of openers are in the follo (More)
18danielb wrote: People at school...
People at school think school is a not very fun. If you think about it you would never have a good job, never be able to know your proper Maths and English. If you know your times tables and your nouns etc. you will get all of those things. Maths is (More)
18danielb wrote: IT IS NOT FAIR!
Shame and dispair, I can not bear. We need to make fair.   I  do not like being bullied, Bullies are not fair. I do not like being bullied, It makes me feel distraught.   It is not fair, People get hurt. It (More)
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