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Sasha wrote: Hothersall Lodge
One Tuesday in March we went to a place called Hothersall Lodge where we did lots of things such as: Canoeing, zip wiring, climbing and caving! Also some of us jumped in freezing water after canoeing which made Mr Stamp shiver. In the canoein (More)
What a great day we all had full of joy ,happiness and lots of fun .Keep on reading and you will see what 5s and 5w did at Hothersall lodge. First we got into groups and we each do different things the first thing I did was going climbing ! But befor (More)
Seen as Miss Calandar ,the current teacher of 4C, has left for maternity leave, Miss Small (4Cs ex teacher) has come back to teach her old class for the last half term. We are all exited to see what gender miss Calendars baby is and will all miss he (More)
Marysia wrote: how to write a myth
. add a hero and his name . add a villan mostly a monster add a name .make a thyme well you already have a theme . add feelings .add some drama .add a problem or task .something enterining will make he reader lagh .maybe add some knolege .add (More)
Charlie C wrote: how to write a myth
Today I am going to show you how to write a myth. So first you select a picture . Next you need to think of what to write and give your creature a name. After that think of great adjectives and verbs and also amazing laying out. Think ab (More)
Myth or fairy tail. First you will need a character with a name a suitable name for your fairy tail or myth. Then you will need a setting/background. You also might want to map out a plan on a plane piece of paper to know what the first paragrap (More)
Harry L wrote: How to Make a Myth
First, you need a hero and a villain which both have suiting names like Torark, Doctor Scale. Next, you need a monster like a dragon or make one up with 100 eyes with a creepy name Then, think of making it rhyme or tern it into a poem. Fi (More)
This set of instructions will show you a basic way to write a good  myth. First of all we'll have a look at openers. Openers help you with attracting  readers and make it sound more interesting. Some examples of openers are in the follo (More)
Mohammed wrote: Myths
Thousands of years ago lived the ancient greeks and  started believing that myths were real and overtime started becoming well-known as legends. This is how  to write a greek myth. Step 1: Always start with sub headings or headings if necessar (More)
First choose a character, make him special in any way you want. Give him a creative name. Then choose a villain, make him strong, have vast armies or be smart. After that, create a powerful creature preferably controlled by the bad guy. Make (More)
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