Mission Statement

We are a Christian school, a family, committed to:
Learning for Life
Aiming for excellence
and guided by God’s love.

Education is an essential part of the Church’s mission to proclaim the power of God as Creator, the saving love of God as Redeemer and the constant activity of God as Holy Spirit and all that is good in human living.

St. Andrew’s School takes the teaching and example of our Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation of its educational life and spiritual values. By example and teaching it encourages children to develop self-esteem and respect for others and to show compassion, tolerance and forgiveness.

The school aims to develop the potential of each individual and stimulate a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world. It encourages children to search for truth, meaning and purpose in life and within a caring Christian environment, provides them with an opportunity to discover a faith by which to live.

St. Andrew’s considers the spiritual development of the whole School community to be one of its highest priorities, and its staff, governors, and clergy are all actively involved in sharing the Christian faith. Through daily collective worship and prayer, and regular sharing in the Anglican liturgy, children are encouraged to develop an awareness of the presence of God and to make their own personal response.

The School encourages parents to participate in its everyday life and in the education of their children, and values strong links between home, school and neighbourhood. Children are supported in recognising need and in showing practical concern for one another and the wider world as an outward expression of Christian faith.

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