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November Newsletter 2017

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‘How was Robinwood?’ and ‘Preston North End visit Year 4’ (Reporter’s Club)

This week in reporter’s club, Year 6 have been reporting on their Robinwood trip, while Year 4 have been reporting on their visits from Preston North End!

Robinwood (by Albie T and Isaac H)

Robin Wood was a big hit with year 6, fun, games, teamwork and NO SCHOOL. We started off  with food (many peoples highlight), which is very nice.

The first activity was called ‘The Night’s Quest’ an activity that involved teamwork, brains and the hardest part of all padlocks. Once you had the code they were still impossible to open.

After this was the giant swing which was a favourite among many (for those who were brave enough to venture on). Higher and higher you went. Up and up and up and then, ZOOM! You were sent flying. It was extremely excitable.

Then we ventured into a dungeon and saved a ghost from eternal suffering by completing various tasks. This tested our wits, common sense and again our padlock using skills.

After that we tested our skills in the climbing wall, trying out our teamwork and (for some) our bravery. Although the climber may have been the easiest job.

Then the crate stacking worked our balance and our nerves. In this activity everyone was involved, whether it was passing forward crates, belaying the stackers or being up there yourself. Legs shook and towers collapsed. People thought they were going to die, good job our belayers were concentrating!

Night line was a task of skill, teamwork and being blindfolded whilst being attacked by squirrels. I will say no more for the benefit of the year fives.

The caving was the creepiest of the activities, the dummy, Bob was headless, yes headless and some of the other groups had to save him from dying but I don’t see how it can’t be dead already. First of all it’s made of plastic ad second of all if it was real he wouldn’t be able to breathe.

The canoeing was probably the worst activity but it wasn’t Robin Wood’s fault the weather froze us.

Finally to say goodbye to Robin Wood we took a go down the huge zipwire.

Robin Wood was great.


Preston North End visit Year 4

When Chris came round from P.N.E we did some table activities  like pass the bean bag and we needed to say different fruit and vegetables. Every Monday, Chris comes round and teaches us activities by Millie and Emma.

On Monday Chris from PNE came in. We talked about how to keep are body healthy. We did some table activities and went around are table saying vegetables. We went outside and did some sport , long distance , some sprinting , We threw balls up in air . We jumped over cradles . After that we went inside and said fruits. Chris is now going to come in ever Monday.


Hope u liked it please comment below and what we can improve on thank you

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Church of England ‘Valuing All God’s Children’

Further to the news on the television on 13 November 2017 regarding challenging homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, we have received a publication from the Church of England Education Office titled ‘Valuing All God’s Children’.  The full publication can be read HERE.

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Preston SportsFest – sports opportunities

Better Leisure Centres (West View and Fulwood, previously ran by Preston City Council) are currently running an initiative called Preston Sports Fest to help promote club sessions and showcase the opportunities for local people in Preston to come along and access.

Preston Sports Fest provides an opportunity for members of the public to come along to the club open sessions and take part free of charge for their first session. Clubs this year are holding up to 3 open sessions over the next 3 weeks, at different venues across Preston. Feedback from last year stated that open sessions provided a good opportunity to ease new participants into activities they would not normally have the confidence to try or didn’t necessarily know were available to them.


They attracted over 200 new participants last year as part of the campaign which also linked with the ‘I am Team GB Olympics’ initiative whereby many participants had a fantastic experience at a new club and continued to participate there. The programme of all clubs involved this year and the dates they are running sessions can be seen above.


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British Values Fortnight (LIVE Blog)

Over the last two weeks of half-term, we are going to be celebrating our British Values in school through the lives and works of different British people!

On here, we will aim to report back on what the children have been up to on this blog post (hopefully daily!).

Wednesday, 18th October 2017

Year 5 and John Locke

Year 5 have been recreating the story of John Locke, learning all about democracy!


Reporter’s Club have been getting in on the act, to record a promo video for British Values Fortnight!

Monday, 16th October 2017

Whole School Worship

This morning, both Miss Ascroft and Mrs Thorley led the whole school in worship, to begin our special fortnight.  Miss Ascroft told us the story of Trixie the cat, which explains that we are all different and difference is to be celebrated.  Mrs Thorley explained to us the five different British values (democracy, the rule of law,  individual liberty, mutual respect and a tolerance for other faiths).

Year 3 and Sybil Phoenix

The children re-enacted how shocked Sybil and her husband were when they spotted a woman sweeping the train station.

Year 3 looked at the life of Sybil Phoenix MBE through research, song and role-play. Sybil was a humanitarian who was shocked at how people were treated in London in the 1950s, just because their skin was a different colour. She was so compassionate, she ended up fostering hundreds of children. Children from 3A re-enacted how shocked Sybil was when she arrived at Paddington Station in the 1950s!

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October Newsletter 2017

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Our Sporting October Continues! (Reporters’ Club)

This week in reporter’s club, we have been reporting on all the exciting events in boys’ football, girls’ football and athletics!

Year 4 Athletics

In year four it will be the athletics competition tomorrow on the 12th October 2017.  Hopefully we will win because when I went, I came in third place.  I was quite disappointed.  The sports they are going to do are throwing, catching and running. The people that are going to do it are Grace, Finn ,Owen ,Josh ,Mille and Navah . We all wish them good luck.  Unfortunately Mr Martland is ill so Mrs Knight is going to take them. They will be great .
By Lilian S.

On the Thursday the 12 of October it will be the athletics competition. From Year 4, Grace, Millie, Navah, Owen, Finn, Josh. It is at Ashton high school. Hope you can come and watch the athletics competition.

Mia 4S

Boys’ Football

The school’s football team has finally been revealed in a football tournament against other schools in Preston. Taylor Winter and Albie Taylor play at the back occasionally being brought off for Charlie Carlisle dropping back from midfield. Luca Furnell- Gill playing in the centre of the park with Luke Thompson and King Fletcher up front. The keeper was Luke Parkinson. ]

Our first match in the group stage was a combfortable win of 6-0. Our next match in this stage of the competition was won 7-0 and the penultimate match 3-0 . Thee final match for this stage ensured we got an easier team for the knockout round but we were against Fulwood and Cadley, this team had beaten all the other teams in the group too but we set of scoring three goals but then one wonder goal from them and one bad mistake from the whole of our team but we ended up winning 3-2. In the knockout round we won 7-0 and the team in the quarter 3-0. Then the semis we won 2-0 and finally it was the final and the team we were playing was Fulwood and Cadley, the team we beat in the group stage 3-2. And with a great start from them we were two nill down we pushed and tried to find an equaliser and as Luca was ready to shoot an easy shot, he had to score and then the honker went and the match ended, losing one nill.

2nd place a great start for the football team but it seems the teachers are undecided with some of these players not being chosen for the next match. Although the top four teams are now being moved on to the next round of the competition against teams in Chorley and Leyland. So fingers crossed we can win this next tournament and bring home gold.

Girls’ Football

Last week on the 4th October 2017, Mr Martland and Mrs Knight took 17 girls to Preston Grass hoppers. We played an 8 a side friendly football match against St Joseph’s. They were a really good team but we drew 0-0. We played one full match split in 4.

Maisie 5A

Last week on the 4th of October 2017 Mrs. Knight and Mr.Martland took 17 other girls to Preston Grass hoppers .
We played against St. Josephs and we played one full match split into 4 matches . We drew every one and they were a really good team to play against .

Alice 5A

Year 6 Safer Cycling

On Monday and Tuesday we came to school in our own clothes if we were doing cycling so we could learn how to safely ride on the road and not get ran over! For those who did do this training they all learnt how to do a U-turn ,how to overtake a parked car ,how to safely turn into a side road (a side road), how to stop and know where to stop and then we did all of this training on Abington road on the tricky T-junctions.  Our instructor was extremely happy with us about our riding so we know how to ride on a road! But still be careful I really hurt my arm cycling!

Thomas W 6A

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Year Four Dazzle in Harvest Festival Performance! (Reporters’ Club)

 Year 4 did Miss Slater and Miss Small proud by putting on amazing show last Friday….Year 4 have been reporting on all that went on!

On Friday the 6 of October the year fours performed an amazing play. We face-timed three different countries to see how they celebrate harvest.

We face timed  America and found out that in America they celebrait thanks giving. They pray and give thanks to God for all the things that they are thankfull for.  Roast turkey and pumpkin pie are favourite dishes on that day.

We face timed  Africa and found out that in Africa  they sing and dance👯💃🏼. They were masks when they dance and each dance tells a story .  In Africa the yams are the first crops to be harvested.  Yams are a bit like sweet potato and are really tasty mashed. People offer yams to the gods before giving them out to the rest of the village. Some of the year four children performed a traditional dance.

We face timed Germany and found out that in Germany they have Oktoberfest to celebrait the end of the rainy season.  They harvest grapes and enjoy them as a healthy treat.  Many grapes are made into grape wine because it is the easiest thing to turn grapes into.

The year fours sung we are the world by Michael Jackson.  The whole of the school sung harvest samba and Autum days. The year two qoir sung  thank you Lord. The year five and six qoir sung only one world.

Caption Alex from the Salvation Army came to watch our play.  After the play he came and every about were are donations of were going to go. He also said that our play was very good.

Mr Nash came and blessed the food and the year two and year five bibles by saying a prair.

At the end there were three prairs and there was also a blessing. When all the other year groups had left the church. The parents were aloud to come and take pictures of their children in there coustumes.

Mia 4S

At the Harvest performance everyone had a great time and we had lots of comments. The first person to step on the stage was Mr Martland he welcomed everyone to our performance after everyone was welcomed we started are play by having a congressional song it was called Autumn days we sung it so nicely everyone gave us a round of applause then we started are play first up was the interdiction people. After the play it was the Vicers prayer to pray for all the food that we have donated to the peoples families that have no food to eat or to drink .Then six boys said 3 prays in Pais of two. Then autumn said the Harvest blessing .Finaly it was over all of the other classes went to go and do some work then our family members came and took a picture then we headed back to are class and had break time it was very fun!now we no that our food is going to a good cause

Eloisa-Mai 4S


Hi my name is Amy and I am going to tell you about the harvest festival so let’s get on with it.

Are harvest festival starts with the introduction people. Then the magic began all are hard work was beginning to pay of . After that we started to sing harvest samba after that the Americans came on . After that then the African people came on ( that is me and my group ☺️ )

After that the Germans came on . Sadly it was the last part of the best day of my life, we are the world song .

Amy L 4S


Hi, On Friday Year 4 performed there harvest around the world. So we practiced and practised before the day for about an hour each it. People brought food in for Captain Alex, a Salvation Army worker to take to them. It happened on the 6th of October 2017. They face timed three different countries including; America, with wierd and wonderful accents, Africa, with a cool and funky dance and Germany with a grape joke!!! There were lots of donations such as: Cans, Buiscits, Pasta, Bread and (e.c.t). The year 2 choir sang and so did the Year 5 and 6 choir. Year 4 sang We Are The World. Then Every body sang Autumn Days at the begging of the performance. Then the school sang The Harvest Samba with a funky tune. The Year 4s performed a BEAUTIFUL play. The Year 4 play included Africans, Americans, Germans, Donation Centre Workers and a moody, old and wet Jacob but he is still generous with his donations though. They visited America first were they were having a dinner party. Also at Africa they did an amazing dance as they talked about yams :D. Finally they visited Germany were they have a joke, drinks, costumes and wonder-filling things to discover. They then ended there journey with a trip to deliver the food to the Salvation Army. George, Owen, Leon, Harvey, Jay and Finn end with prayers as Autumn does a blessing. Before they sang we are the world some brave soloists sang there part but even before that some hand chimeras hand chimed!! It was absolutely amazing and every body loved the performance and all got a raffle ticket and all the actors were nervous but still did it amazingly! Sadly Millie was sick so could not do her blessing with Autumn so Autumn had to do the blessing in the performance. Every body did amazing and nobody forgot there lines at all but some people were quit but only because they were nervous but even if they were quite they were all still amazing, Africans wore black and a colourful bit of fabric attached to there mask, Americans wore a party outfit, Germans wore a colourful top, leggings or jeans, colourful braces and a funky coloured, feathery hat, Prayer readers were there school uniforms and Donation Centre Workers wore leggings or jeans and their P.E top. But when we were in a lesson of R.E I found a website that had a paragraph  exactly the same as a part of the script… Should we arrest Miss Slater and Miss Small for plagerism or not…?

Before the actual performance all the Year 4s were worryng about making any mistake and were EVEN nervous about performing in front of the school but that’s not TOO bad. Every body loved doing it but was still worried and there were three people who did act but didn’t go on stage who were, Kaylon, William and Ruby. I loved my part and was happy with it. I loved the fact that Eve told a marvellous joke “But many grapes are made into a HEALTHY liquid treat isn’t that right adults,” Every body :”CHEERS”

Aimee B 4S

On Friday the 6th of October all of year four worked on a outstanding harvest play performance.   We hope you enjoyed it. We face timed 3 different countries Africa,America and Germany.  It was very fun.  We had some very funny jokes.  Make sure you  aren’t loud when people are speaking hope you like our  songs .  There are people who do prayers and a blessing.  Autumn and Millie did the blessing.  Harvey, Owen, Finn, Leon and George do the prayers.

The Africans did an exiting dance so we hope you like our dance by the Africans. There are some pop up people that you might not even see. The  Americans celebrate harvest by thanksgiving .  If you have a prayer you will be told to put it at the back of the church and you can keep the  baby with  you so you don’t have to keep it in a small space beacause people might be walking up and down there so that’s just in case. Grace did her amazing signature dance move .

Ruby M and Emma C 4S




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Online Safety Advice: REF ‘Hooked’ app

It has come to our attention that some children in Year 5 have been using the ‘Hooked’ app.  Please note this app is rated as ’12+’ and so should not be used by children as it contains quite frightening stories.  If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Thank you, Mr Mather

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Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hughes!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Mrs Hughes has given birth to a beautiful, healthy boy – Harry James – weighing 6lb 3oz on Monday, 2 October 2017.


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