AMAZING farm trip

The children were incredibly well-behaved and we had a fantastic, fun time! They really were a credit to you and the school.  Please peruse the photos.

How many piglets were there?

Can you remember the names of any of the animals in the petting area?

The staff could remember: Banjo the bearded dragon lizard, Flossy and Amber (rabbits), Bandit the micro ferret, Cornflake the cornsnake, Sage and Onion the turkeys and Mary the pig.



  1. What was the name of Greenland’s special cow?
  2. How old is she?
  3. How much milk did she produce every day?
  4. Where is the barn owl on the photo?


What did you plant?



  1. Golden
  2. 19
  3. 300 cups
  4. On the farmer’s hand, just above Golden’s head (okay, the photo is quite grainy!)

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