Whole School Worship – JOY

This morning Miss Maiden told us a story about a boy who lost £10.  When he found it he was overjoyed.

It reminded us of one of the parables that Jesus told about a lady who had 10 gold coins.  She lost one of her gold coins.  When she found it she was so happy that she had a party to celebrate!

Jesus said that when a person decided to be close to God, there was a celebration in heaven.  The angels are joyful when one person stops doing wrong.


Our Christian Values

Mr Nash and Katy came into school to lead our Whole School Worship on Monday.  It was the start of our Faith Fortnight.  They talked to us about being healthy on the inside as well as the outside.  Mr Nash showed us a branch that had been blown off a tree in Hurricane Doris.  It had no life as it didn’t have the whole tree to give life to it.  God has given us the Fruits of the Spirit – love, kindness, peace, patience, joy, self-control, forgiveness and faithfulness.  In our school we try to live our lives following these Christian Values.


Whole School Worship – 30th January

This morning, I led whole school worship with the infants and juniors both helping me with a retelling of ‘Jesus calming the storm’! The children recreated the wind, rain and waves that Jesus and the disciples must have felt, to help us realise what it must have been like. It was linked to this half-term’s value of ‘peace’ by reminding us that Jesus can bring us peace in difficult times.

WSW – Monday 16th January 2017

On Monday we had a visitor in school leading our Whole School Worship.  Chaplain Joe works at Archbishop Temple High School and it was his first visit to our school.  He talked to us about our names and what they mean.  He told us that the name Jesus means rescuer.  God sent Jesus to earth to rescue us.  His worship was a lot of fun.  We look forward to him visiting again soon.

14th November 2016 – FS and KS1 Worship

Anti-Bullying Week – led by Mrs Burrill

Mrs Burrill read the children a story, ‘Something Else’ by Kathryn Cave.

Is it fair to leave someone out because they are different?  We should all make an effort to care for and include others.

Some boys from Class 1B read a prayer thanking God for making us all – even if we are different.

8th November 2016 – Key Stage 2 Worship led by Mr Martland

Mr Martland began to tell us the story of Daniel today. He told us how he and his friends were taken away from home and given new names by a king called Nebuchadnezzar. The king wanted the men to eat his food in order to be strong and clever, but they would not break God’s rules, even though it might get them into trouble. The story made us think about making the right decision, even when it is difficult.


We sang ‘No Wars’ to help us get ready for our Remembrance service.

7th November 2016 – Whole School Worship led by Mrs Kime

This half-term the Christian value we are thinking about is Kindness. Mrs Kime told us a story about a boy called Billy and a girl called India.

In the story, Billy was very unkind to India on her first day of school. Despite this, India did a very brave thing to help Billy out. Billy was very surprised and learned that by being kind to others, life could be much more enjoyable for himself as well as everyone else.

We sang all sang a song called ‘Share the Light’ that the infants have been learning.