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Year Four Dazzle in Harvest Festival Performance! (Reporters’ Club)

 Year 4 did Miss Slater and Miss Small proud by putting on amazing show last Friday….Year 4 have been reporting on all that went on!

On Friday the 6 of October the year fours performed an amazing play. We face-timed three different countries to see how they celebrate harvest.

We face timed  America and found out that in America they celebrait thanks giving. They pray and give thanks to God for all the things that they are thankfull for.  Roast turkey and pumpkin pie are favourite dishes on that day.

We face timed  Africa and found out that in Africa  they sing and dance👯💃🏼. They were masks when they dance and each dance tells a story .  In Africa the yams are the first crops to be harvested.  Yams are a bit like sweet potato and are really tasty mashed. People offer yams to the gods before giving them out to the rest of the village. Some of the year four children performed a traditional dance.

We face timed Germany and found out that in Germany they have Oktoberfest to celebrait the end of the rainy season.  They harvest grapes and enjoy them as a healthy treat.  Many grapes are made into grape wine because it is the easiest thing to turn grapes into.

The year fours sung we are the world by Michael Jackson.  The whole of the school sung harvest samba and Autum days. The year two qoir sung  thank you Lord. The year five and six qoir sung only one world.

Caption Alex from the Salvation Army came to watch our play.  After the play he came and every about were are donations of were going to go. He also said that our play was very good.

Mr Nash came and blessed the food and the year two and year five bibles by saying a prair.

At the end there were three prairs and there was also a blessing. When all the other year groups had left the church. The parents were aloud to come and take pictures of their children in there coustumes.

Mia 4S

At the Harvest performance everyone had a great time and we had lots of comments. The first person to step on the stage was Mr Martland he welcomed everyone to our performance after everyone was welcomed we started are play by having a congressional song it was called Autumn days we sung it so nicely everyone gave us a round of applause then we started are play first up was the interdiction people. After the play it was the Vicers prayer to pray for all the food that we have donated to the peoples families that have no food to eat or to drink .Then six boys said 3 prays in Pais of two. Then autumn said the Harvest blessing .Finaly it was over all of the other classes went to go and do some work then our family members came and took a picture then we headed back to are class and had break time it was very fun!now we no that our food is going to a good cause

Eloisa-Mai 4S


Hi my name is Amy and I am going to tell you about the harvest festival so let’s get on with it.

Are harvest festival starts with the introduction people. Then the magic began all are hard work was beginning to pay of . After that we started to sing harvest samba after that the Americans came on . After that then the African people came on ( that is me and my group ☺️ )

After that the Germans came on . Sadly it was the last part of the best day of my life, we are the world song .

Amy L 4S


Hi, On Friday Year 4 performed there harvest around the world. So we practiced and practised before the day for about an hour each day.do it. People brought food in for Captain Alex, a Salvation Army worker to take to them. It happened on the 6th of October 2017. They face timed three different countries including; America, with wierd and wonderful accents, Africa, with a cool and funky dance and Germany with a grape joke!!! There were lots of donations such as: Cans, Buiscits, Pasta, Bread and (e.c.t). The year 2 choir sang and so did the Year 5 and 6 choir. Year 4 sang We Are The World. Then Every body sang Autumn Days at the begging of the performance. Then the school sang The Harvest Samba with a funky tune. The Year 4s performed a BEAUTIFUL play. The Year 4 play included Africans, Americans, Germans, Donation Centre Workers and a moody, old and wet Jacob but he is still generous with his donations though. They visited America first were they were having a dinner party. Also at Africa they did an amazing dance as they talked about yams :D. Finally they visited Germany were they have a joke, drinks, costumes and wonder-filling things to discover. They then ended there journey with a trip to deliver the food to the Salvation Army. George, Owen, Leon, Harvey, Jay and Finn end with prayers as Autumn does a blessing. Before they sang we are the world some brave soloists sang there part but even before that some hand chimeras hand chimed!! It was absolutely amazing and every body loved the performance and all got a raffle ticket and all the actors were nervous but still did it amazingly! Sadly Millie was sick so could not do her blessing with Autumn so Autumn had to do the blessing in the performance. Every body did amazing and nobody forgot there lines at all but some people were quit but only because they were nervous but even if they were quite they were all still amazing, Africans wore black and a colourful bit of fabric attached to there mask, Americans wore a party outfit, Germans wore a colourful top, leggings or jeans, colourful braces and a funky coloured, feathery hat, Prayer readers were there school uniforms and Donation Centre Workers wore leggings or jeans and their P.E top. But when we were in a lesson of R.E I found a website that had a paragraph  exactly the same as a part of the script… Should we arrest Miss Slater and Miss Small for plagerism or not…?

Before the actual performance all the Year 4s were worryng about making any mistake and were EVEN nervous about performing in front of the school but that’s not TOO bad. Every body loved doing it but was still worried and there were three people who did act but didn’t go on stage who were, Kaylon, William and Ruby. I loved my part and was happy with it. I loved the fact that Eve told a marvellous joke “But many grapes are made into a HEALTHY liquid treat isn’t that right adults,” Every body :”CHEERS”

Aimee B 4S

On Friday the 6th of October all of year four worked on a outstanding harvest play performance.   We hope you enjoyed it. We face timed 3 different countries Africa,America and Germany.  It was very fun.  We had some very funny jokes.  Make sure you  aren’t loud when people are speaking hope you like our  songs .  There are people who do prayers and a blessing.  Autumn and Millie did the blessing.  Harvey, Owen, Finn, Leon and George do the prayers.

The Africans did an exiting dance so we hope you like our dance by the Africans. There are some pop up people that you might not even see. The  Americans celebrate harvest by thanksgiving .  If you have a prayer you will be told to put it at the back of the church and you can keep the  baby with  you so you don’t have to keep it in a small space beacause people might be walking up and down there so that’s just in case. Grace did her amazing signature dance move .

Ruby M and Emma C 4S




Harvest Festival and Science Roadshow! (Reporters’ Club Week 2)

In the 2nd Reporters’ Club of the year we have been writing about Harvest Festival and the science roadshow!


Harvest Festivals

This year the harvest festival is about Harvest around the world in are play features Germans, Americans and Africans. This year there is a grumpy character witch will make you LAUGH. There will be the salvation army.
PLEASE bring donations in tins to give to people to enjoy over the Autumn months
by Aebha 4A

5 daring soloists are ready to sing their hearts out at the Harvest Festival for an old song ‘We are the world’.
This year it is about harvest around the world with a few jokes to make you laugh. It is in the school church and if any body is kind enough you can bring some charitable donations so we can take them to the salvation army. The little boy acting a main part is going to be grumpy as a gorilla. This play features Americans Germans and Africans and some year 4s. Come and watch and bring a donation!
Ruby 4A

This year is the harvest festival and year 4s are putting on a play. The features are Africans,Americans and Germans.
Emily 4A

In year four we are doing a play. We have been working really hard on a performance. Ee do it in church. You need to bring tin food. The time its starts is at half past nine in the morning. Don’t come at night. Its only on in morning it is at St Andrews Church. It is half an hour long. Hope you like our harvest play.
Ruby 4S

Our harvest festival is coming up soon. It will be in St Andrews Church on Friday 6 of October at 9:30am. We would like you to bring in a donation of food that will keep for quite a while. We will give this food to people who may need it in the Autumn months. Caption Alex from the salvation army will be there to give a speech at the end of performance. The schools young voices choir will be singing a song. The year fours will sing We are the world.
Mia 4S

We are having a harvest festival and it is a week on Friday, the 6th of October and it is in the St Andrew’s church. You have to bring some food or stuff even in cans you will give to the salvation army to help people in need. You can not bring in microwave food because they can not cook it. All the food will go a long way to
helping the area if you bring in food you might save someone’s life in a different country.
We will also be doing a year 4 harvest play we hope you will enjoy are show. We have been working
very hard. We will try are best to impress you.
Rebecca 4S

Year 4 are going to be doing a harvest play to celebrate harvest and to help children around the
world. The harvest play is on the 6th of October. We bring donations and cans of food to help the
poor children. It is in St Andrews Church. It starts at half past 9 so don’t be coming at night.
Year 4 children have been working really hard.

So come to the harvest play.
Grace and Emma 4S

Hi, soon it will be the harvest festival . It will be great if you could bring some tinned food. It will be on Friday the 6th of October . The play will be in the school Church . Captin Alex from the Salvashon Army will be coming . We have been working very hard on this play so we hope you will be coming. At the end of the play , we have been working on it for the last 4 weeks. There will be lots of singing and dancing so we hope you have your singing voices on .There will be only one performance in the morning , so don’t come at night because there will be no one in the Church .
Lily 4S

We have been woking very hard on our performance . It is on 6 of October at nine fifeteen. You cane bring a can for a donation for charity. It is in St. Andrews School.
Amy 4S

Bring food and cans of food and tissue and a lots of it for the salvation army at St Andrews CE Primary School.
Keiran 4S

On Friday 6th of October it is Harvest, if you come you should bring some tinned food! The year 4 have been practicing immensely hard and they sound really good. The harvest festival will take place in the St Andrews Church and we sing lots of nice, fun songs!

This is by Jenna Rowley and Miya Sampson

Science Roadshow

Tomorrow a man is coming to our school to do a Science road show . It is where he teaches us science in a fun way by playing games like running with paper on your chest and shining lights in a different way. However it costs £1.50 for funding but you don’t have to pay as you will still get to go , watch and have fun.

Jasper 6A


Young Un’s Workshop and Fencing Competitions! (Reporters’ Club Week 1)

In the 1st Reporters’ Club of the year, boys from Year 6 have been writing about fencing and a recent visit about ‘British Values’!

Young Un’s Workshop (British Values)

James, Michael and Dave, also known as the Young Un’s, came to our school to do a singing and history workshop . We travelled through time to 1518 when we experienced cramping up onto a ship and then travelled forward in time to the peasants revolt where peasants wanted to be equal to the rich and royal. They marched up to London and gathered a group of 36,000 peasants along the way. When they got there they demanded to speak to the king about being equal so the king cunningly agreed but when they triumphantly marched back the king sent an army to kill everyone. VERY EVIL!!!

So they taught us all of this through songs and acting then we made a rap battle from the peasants VS the Royals.

Jasper, Finlay and Thomas 6A

Fencing Matches

This Friday ,Friday 22nd September, the first ever fencing match will be taking place at the unknown Ashbridge Primary School.
The people from the best school ever, St Andrews, that are taking part are: Harry Haworth 6A, Harry Lancaster 6S and Daniel Bourne 6S. I , Harry Haworth have been doing fencing for three years at the school club and each year I used a different sword.
I might even start doing fencing outside of school. Fencing is a sport where two people stand parallel about 5 metres apart and they both are wearing a mask and armour and they are armed with a blunt sword. if you would like more information about fencing you could look on you tube or watch the Olympics.

Harry Haworth and Isaac Hodgkinson

An Evening of Music! KS2 Reporters Club – Weekly News #2

This week’s reporters in our brand new IT suite!

This week, children from Year 5 and Year 6 have reported about the Evening of Music and some of the Year 5s have shared their favourite parts of their Hothersall Lodge school trip…..






An Evening of Music


The St Andrews Evening of Music, which occurred on Thursday the 18th of May 2017, started with a bang as the 30 children who performed in the Sing Together choir set us off singing ‘Don’t be Anything Less’ followed by ‘This is Our World’. After that the Music Evening continued with John Bailey’s 18 guitarists playing at first ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie followed by ‘Little by Little’ and ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ (Stan and Shree) and ‘Turn Turn Turn’ (Shree). Then Bella and Maisie played their violin to the song ‘Fiddle Time Joggers’. The violin theme continued by Charlotte and Kistian playing ‘Scarbourgh fair’. After that Mrs Grealis’ recorder group, which was matched by Edward Nash’s ‘Rocky’ theme tune played on the trumpet which was followed by Thomas Wren and Jo Collinson also on the trumpet. – Albert T

At the music evening there were many different instruments: guitar, violin, drums, keyboard and trumpet to name a few. Also 3 choirs performed, first of all the music festival, then the outstanding sing together choir.  After all of the amazing instrumental talent, to close off the show we had the beautiful y5 y6 choir. – Lucy and Claudia

ST Andrews put on a show for all of us to kick back and relax and watch.  To start us off, the sing together choir sang three great songs to open the evening of music.  Next, were John Bailey’s guitars  with at least 16 people performing( the stage was literally full ).  First we played little by little , then we played heroes by David Bowie.  We also played Rinestone Cowboy. Shree and Stanley played  ‘Sunshine of your love’ and finally Shree did a solo of ‘turn, turn ,turn’.  Later on in the show I played  a melody of songs and asked if the audience knew the songs. – Louie S

On Thursday last week we had a music evening:  Lots of people performed. I performed in the choir.  It was amazing we sang sing and open you eyes.  Some people played on guitars ,violin,recoders,trumpet,trombone,saxophone,piano and keyboard.  It was amazing when the staff choir sang: Living on a Prayer.  It was so funny but so amazing.  Louie was very brave and played on the guitar by his self.  Everybody was surprised how amazing it was. Even I was that somebody can do so brilliant in our school.  – Oliwia L


Year 5’s memories of Hothersall Lodge!

What a great day we all had full of joy ,happiness and lots of fun .  Keep on reading and you will see what 5s and 5w did at Hothersall lodge. First we got into groups and we each did different things.  The first thing I did was going climbing ! But before we did that, we had to get our gear on us.  The gear we had were helmets on and we were already ready for the climbing to begin . First we got into smaller groups (I was with all my best friends ) ! The lovely workers there got out some rubber ducks and in our groups we had to compete against the other groups to see who could get the most ducks in time to win the game.  In conclusion the other team won.  Then we went to climb up a big tree.  After that we went to jump into a river.  It was so cold when I jumped in I couldn’t swim I felt like I had froze thank you.  – Saffron K

What a amazing time I’ve had , jumping in freezing cold water , caving , canoeing , team building , climbing , zip – wiring and so much more.  First of all we went climbing and tried to ring the bell at the top of a 10 foot tree. Next we went to the lake to do canoeing (lots of people fell out of the boats). Once we had done that we then jumped in and had to kiss the water (that’s what the eskimoes did) aswell as putting our heads in the water.Then we had a great time zip – wiring.  Sian H

One Tuesday in March we went to a place called Hothersall Lodge where we did lots of things such as:

Canoeing, zip wiring, climbing and caving!

Also some of us jumped in freezing water after canoeing which made Mr Stamp shiver. In the canoeing we did some games where we had to do a race and I won!!!

After the canoeing we did some team challenges where we had to transport a golf ball across a tennis court without touching it. As well as that we tried to do a handstand in the icy water.  – Sasha P


Quiz Competition

On the 22.5.17, four children from our school: George Barron, Maisie Wynn, myself, Emma and Millie Hudson took part in the Quiz club semi-finals being held at our school. We were up against Bolton-Le-Sands who were very good and unfortuntly we didn’t win.  I think that was because we didn’t practice as much as we did in the area heats. There is a tiny chance we will still get through to the finals… If we score enough points and we get second place we will get a wildcard, but I doubt that.  – Isaac W

What have you enjoyed this week at St Andrew’s?  What are you looking forward to?  Please comment below!

Extra-curricular activities update

See the Activities and Clubs for Autumn 2 Term HERE

Tyndale Thomas MBE

We have been having a great time in school today with Tyndale Thomas MBE (for services to Gospel music).

Tyndale (17)

Reception/KS1 have learnt two songs as have KS2. Have a listen to the songs we have been learning by clicking the links below.

Don’t forget that One Voice Community Choir are singing with the school choir tonight in church at 7.00pm.

More videos from our music assembly



Music Assembly – 16th December 2015

Well done to all the fantastic children who took part in our music assembly this afternoon. It was a celebration of the hard work and talent that exist in our school. All the children watching were thoroughly entertained and we are sure that some will be inspired to take up learning some of the instruments that were on display.

More videos will be posted soon.


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