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Year 5 Percussion at Archbishop Temple  


At Archbishop Temple it was a brilliant show! We sung in the first half then we watched some of the people from the school play instruments.

In the second half we listened to more people play instruments. Then we did our percussion.  It was awesome!  After that we listened to some more  instruments being played.  The experience was great!!!

By Jessica M

Brilliant Performance at Archbishop Temple



It was an amazing experience performing at Archbishop Temple. It was a bit nerve-racking for me. We played with different instruments. Cally played on the cow bell, Nathan played the snare drum. Before the concert Cally and Nathan came to our school to help us perform, Mrs Gardner came too. Cally and Nathan are pupils at Archbishop and Mrs Gardner is the head of music there.


The choir was nerve-racking and more nerve-racking than the percussion! We sang Believe and Musical Memories. Year 6 sang the echoes and Year 5 sang the other words. I would definitely go again. CHOIR WAS AMAZING!

                 Immy F

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