‘How was Robinwood?’ and ‘Preston North End visit Year 4’ (Reporter’s Club)

This week in reporter’s club, Year 6 have been reporting on their Robinwood trip, while Year 4 have been reporting on their visits from Preston North End!

Robinwood (by Albie T and Isaac H)

Robin Wood was a big hit with year 6, fun, games, teamwork and NO SCHOOL. We started off  with food (many peoples highlight), which is very nice.

The first activity was called ‘The Night’s Quest’ an activity that involved teamwork, brains and the hardest part of all padlocks. Once you had the code they were still impossible to open.

After this was the giant swing which was a favourite among many (for those who were brave enough to venture on). Higher and higher you went. Up and up and up and then, ZOOM! You were sent flying. It was extremely excitable.

Then we ventured into a dungeon and saved a ghost from eternal suffering by completing various tasks. This tested our wits, common sense and again our padlock using skills.

After that we tested our skills in the climbing wall, trying out our teamwork and (for some) our bravery. Although the climber may have been the easiest job.

Then the crate stacking worked our balance and our nerves. In this activity everyone was involved, whether it was passing forward crates, belaying the stackers or being up there yourself. Legs shook and towers collapsed. People thought they were going to die, good job our belayers were concentrating!

Night line was a task of skill, teamwork and being blindfolded whilst being attacked by squirrels. I will say no more for the benefit of the year fives.

The caving was the creepiest of the activities, the dummy, Bob was headless, yes headless and some of the other groups had to save him from dying but I don’t see how it can’t be dead already. First of all it’s made of plastic ad second of all if it was real he wouldn’t be able to breathe.

The canoeing was probably the worst activity but it wasn’t Robin Wood’s fault the weather froze us.

Finally to say goodbye to Robin Wood we took a go down the huge zipwire.

Robin Wood was great.


Preston North End visit Year 4

When Chris came round from P.N.E we did some table activities  like pass the bean bag and we needed to say different fruit and vegetables. Every Monday, Chris comes round and teaches us activities by Millie and Emma.

On Monday Chris from PNE came in. We talked about how to keep are body healthy. We did some table activities and went around are table saying vegetables. We went outside and did some sport , long distance , some sprinting , We threw balls up in air . We jumped over cradles . After that we went inside and said fruits. Chris is now going to come in ever Monday.


Hope u liked it please comment below and what we can improve on thank you


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