British Values Fortnight (LIVE Blog)

Over the last two weeks of half-term, we are going to be celebrating our British Values in school through the lives and works of different British people!

On here, we will aim to report back on what the children have been up to on this blog post (hopefully daily!).

Wednesday, 18th October 2017

Year 5 and John Locke

Year 5 have been recreating the story of John Locke, learning all about democracy!


Reporter’s Club have been getting in on the act, to record a promo video for British Values Fortnight!

Monday, 16th October 2017

Whole School Worship

This morning, both Miss Ascroft and Mrs Thorley led the whole school in worship, to begin our special fortnight.  Miss Ascroft told us the story of Trixie the cat, which explains that we are all different and difference is to be celebrated.  Mrs Thorley explained to us the five different British values (democracy, the rule of law,  individual liberty, mutual respect and a tolerance for other faiths).

Year 3 and Sybil Phoenix

The children re-enacted how shocked Sybil and her husband were when they spotted a woman sweeping the train station.

Year 3 looked at the life of Sybil Phoenix MBE through research, song and role-play. Sybil was a humanitarian who was shocked at how people were treated in London in the 1950s, just because their skin was a different colour. She was so compassionate, she ended up fostering hundreds of children. Children from 3A re-enacted how shocked Sybil was when she arrived at Paddington Station in the 1950s!

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