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This week, children from Year 5 have reported about the Junior Sports Day, their ‘Safer Cycling’ work, the Junior Sports Festival and the ‘Where’s Johnny James’ theatre production that the Juniors watched on Friday the 30th of June……

Junior Sports Day

On the eventful sports day,we went to Uclan sports arena. Our class started off with the team sac races and we all did well but individually thought. The reds and blues were doing extremely well but overall we all did well. Next we did the triple jump which I thought I was really bad at which was true but I still tried as much as I could. Eventually it turned out the yellows were the winning(which was the team I was in!)so I put in as much effort as I could and we carried on the exciting day. After that we had the long jump where whoever did the farthest jump wins into the sandpit. The blues were doing very well and I thought they were going to win until the reds started to catch up to then in the scores. Then we did the far throw so we carried on and the reds and blues were winning at that event until Mr. Martland came and read out the scores overall and the blues were winning by just a few points.

The rampaging reds glory is gone with a two year run for the brilliant blues. The yellows are dropping down to nothingness even more than usual (no offence to yellows because they are the best). Great greens moving up to second after a surprising last place for them last year.

Blues were in the lead before the races (mostly due to the unfair sack race where the bottom of the sack was ripped). Reds were clinging on to second place the greens a miniature amount of points away and the yellows obviously about a million points behind as usual. The yellows year 6’s thrashed the others at the 400m run, he blues obviously won all the sack races, the reds were phenomanel at the 100m sprint and the greens were all rounders at everything.

After the relays greens had won millions in the infants and the blues and yellows won the juniors. Then the results came in and:

Fourth: yellows

Third: reds

Second: greens

First: blues
Albie and Isaac H 5S

On Friday the 23/6/17 a lot of children (around about 99) took part in this sporty day, competing against other schools, playing a variety of sports EG: hockey, tag rugby and football. This took place at Uclan sports arena where an activity was always going on. After a tiring day of sports the results finally came in. St Andrews (us) came 2nd in hockey and 3rd in tag rugby. Mr Martland was very proud of us all for doing so well and showing that our school is the best (OBVIOUSLY).
Charlie H and Finlay 5S

Year 5 Safer Cycling

On Monday and Tuesday 5W went to safer cycling at Ashton high school. We had so much fun, it was brilliant! What I learnt when I went safer cycling was to never ride with your brakes not working because I did a race and went so fast I sped into the railing and ended up nearly breaking my ribs (at least I came first)!
At the end of Tuesday we were practising on a fake road drawn with chalk! A police man came in and tried to help us with safer cycling everyone kept asking questions about what he has done in the past! When it was the end of the day he spoke to us about everything and to always wear our helmet so we don’t end up in hospital or even worse get brain damage! He told us to always wear fluorescent clothing so we don’t get hit by a car because they cant see us!
Taylor 5W

On Monday and Tuesday 5w went Ashton high school to learn some safety tips for when we are riding on the road when we are older We leant how to put our bike on the road and get on it safely. We learnt how to slow down safely and also how to indicate properly from minor side road to main road and main road to minor road. We did that several times to make sure we knew how to do it properly. At break we got to play football and the girls got to play net ball. We did a lot of other activities after break so the teachers were sure that we knew how to ride safely without getting hurt.
Louie 5W

Where’s Johnny James?

On Friday, we had three people that came into our school and taught us about how to be safe online and in the real world. The two contestants were called Phoebe and Tom,the judge was called Mr FlipFlop who was the leader of the show, SAY NO OR SAY NOTHING!The two contestants then competed on how well they new the online world and the real world.But there definitely was a winner………TOM!!!It was highly clear,Tom got ten out of ten,and phoebe got zero,not the hero.And that was the end of say no or say nothing!
Mariam 5S

We had three people come into school to put on a gameshow for us,the two contstants, Phoebe and Tom,competed to see who would be more safe out and about and online. In the gameshow (run by Mr Flipflop) had a clear winner …….. TOM. Whereas Pheobe didn’t approve of this until she realised how dangerous the internet can really be.
Lucy and Claudia 5S


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