On Friday 12th May 2017 Year 6 celebrated the end of SATS.  We had a free choice of what we wanted to do that day. We had a rock wall ,a radio to listen to music and 2 boxes of ipads . At dinner we were allowed to bring in whatever we wanted to eat . When we finished lunch we played outside . Then in the afternoon we had St Andrews got talent .


Speed Camera

On Monday the 24th of October 2016 ,year 6 went on to Blackpool road to check if people were driving at 30 miles per hour past our school .

We went with Sharon (a police women) and two other police men . We were holding up signs saying 30 miles per hour past our school and another sign saying thank you for driving 30 miles per hour past our school however ,we still caught 4 people speeding ! One was going at 39 miles per hours and three were going at 34 miles per hour ! The police chose wether to put points of their driving licence or be questioned by 10 to 11 year olds. Some of the questions were why were you speeding , did you realise what speed you were going at and how would you feel if you had caused an accident? Some of the answers were I was in a rush for work, I didn’t realise what speed I was going at and I would feel absolutely devastated if I had caused an accident.

The police caught the speeders with a lazer  camera which can catch people speeding from two miles away . This was really fun!

Speed camra

On monday 24th October 2016 we went out on Blackpool road and held up signs saying “thank you and drive past our school under 30 mph ow and we stopped a jeep, a fast car ( that was driving 39 mph ) , a van and a mother jeep . Lucky enuf for me I was the only one that was aloud to look through the camra . But if you could of seen there faces when they got pulled over every one was staring at them all for ow did I mention that all together we pulled over 7 car all together 7 7 7 really 7 that mite not seem loads to you but it is for us maybe all 7 people was speeding mite hit one of us but They did not.                                                                                             Let’s get talking about the camra so it was called the laser camra but that what I named it I am not going to try to spell it so the is a camra basekly a camra but a laser camra it send out a red laser but you haft to point it at the code on the plate at the front and the back of the car . Bye


Speed camera

On the 24th of October 2016 yr 6 went out onto the roads…

We checked that people were going the right speed limit past our school but we caught three people that went above 30mph !!!! A policewoman called Sharon came in and told us the risks and dangers of going above the speed limit, you could run over someone, break somebody’s bones and if you are not sober you could crash your car! So me and my group headed out to the roads the first person we caught speeding was going 39mph, 9mph above the speed limit , some body in my group asked why he was speeding and he simply responded I was eating . The drivers when we asked them questions they usually felt embarrassed or disappointed in themselves for not paying any attention to the school right next to them , do they know the power and authority the police have on them? As soon as the police walked on the road the drivers looked anxious ; usually the person who looked petrified was the guy who did it they knew it was themselves.

Speed camera

On Monday 24th October 2016 year 6  did road safety.We went in groups on Blackpool road to check if they were going too fast . We caught four people in fifteen minutes and surprisingly one person was going 39mph.We had a camera that could see how fast the cars were going and if they were going over 30mph the police would pull them over and ask them questions.

On Monday the 24 October 2016 .we went out onto Blackpool with our community police officers to catch people speeding !!!!

Groups went out for 15 mins at a time .my group went out last  so we had to wait a long time to go out on the road . When we was finally told us to go outside with Mrs casbey and get interuced to the community support  officers.we was holding Sygns that said 30 miles an hour  with smiling emogi on the top of the sign . We managed to   Catch four people one of them was going 39 miles per hour that is way over  30.



Speed camera 🚦🚥

Yesterday on the 24 of October we went onto a very busy road called Blackpool road.We were trying to make people aware of going the speed limit which was 30 mph.

We had to hold up signs saying drive safely past our school.Unfortunately we did not catch any cars but the other groups caught seven all together?

There was three police officers doing it with us one of them was called Sharan and two new ones. They had a speshial camera that pointed a laser that could go on fo more than 2 miles.