Class 6T’s App Project

As well as busily preparing for their SATs, Year 6 are also busy creating their own apps!  Using a piece of software called Blippit, they are creating different apps, depending on their own interests.  Some of them also thought about where there is a problem that could possibly be solved through the use of an app.

They also created online surveys to research their topic of interest:(see and

They are in the early stages of development but please click on the following link to see the work from both Class 6M and Class 6T:

If you have any feedback, please comment on this post!


App Surveys

Class 6T are creating their very own apps this half-term!  To help them see what their app users require, please could you consider filling in one or more of their online surveys?  It would help them greatly!

Cool kids

Book recommendation app
Animal care app
Harry Potter
Safety gaming
Star wars survey
Fifa apps
World War II
Animal care apps


The Vets

” Good evening,” said Betty,

” Top of the morning to ya ” Replyed Geoff,

” My dog fell out of a tree and hurt is leg,” said Betty

” Oh dear what do you think your dog has,” exclaimed Geoff

” Well to be honest I think he’s broke it,” Replyed Betty

” if you want I can give it an X-ray and I will keep your dog over night and you can pick him up tomorrow morning,” exclaimed Geoff

“Ok thank you very much ,” see you later alligator,”


The conversation

“Hello what is your name?”, Said Mary .

“Loransdale what yours?”, Replied Loransdale.

“My name is Mary.”, Explained Mary.

“That a nice name what you little dog called?”, Said Loransdale.

“My dogs name is Boo it is a girl. What is your cat called?, Answered Mary.

“My cat is called Storm he got extra thumbs.”, Said Loransdale.

“Why has Strom come to the vets?”, Replied Mary.

“He’s got a poorly belly how come you here with Boo.”, Answered Loransdale.

“Mine is here because it has a very poorly leg”, Explained Mary.

“Loransdale please come through”, Said the vet.

“Bye.”, they both said at the same time.





The vets banta

“hello mrs snoop”shouted Mrs curry

“bonjour”said Mrs snoop

“what does the fox say”Mrs curry sang

“haki haki haki ho”Mrs snoop sang

“kolo ten a Rita”said Mrs curry

“do the Harlem Shake”Mrs snoop sang

“it’s going down for real”said Mrs curry

“do do do do its going down for real”Mrs snoop sang

“now watch me whip”said Mrs curry

“and watch me nae nae”Mrs snoop sang

“what time is it”said Mrs curry

“1738”Mrs snoop sang

” Good morning . ” , said Bob ,

” good morning , ” replied Jeff ,

” how come you’re here ” , said Bob ” your dog looks quite blue .”

” He won’t eat his food and is always growling at me ” quietly Jeff replied .

” oh no ! ” exclaimed Bob .

 5 minutes later the local butcher Barbra enters the vets .

” why are your so hyper ” exclaimed Jeff , ” did you have to many wetabix ?

” No but I am sooooo excited for when I get my new order from Amazon . “

” what did you order ?” Said Bob .

” A NEW CUSHION! ” said Barbra excitedly !

“Could Barbra and her dog  Jeffrey make the way to room 21 . “

By Anisa and lilimei .

The vets

Reddy and whitey are at a vets let’s see what their taking about

reddy : why are you here whitey

whiety :I’m here because my dog at some acorns furermore it can  hardly breath

reddy : o my gosh,I’m here for my dogs legs because it been infected

whitey : how did your dog hurt his leg

reddy : he hurt his leg by .he slipped on the grass and fell in the pond  that was a meter high

the vet :please can whitely and reddy come to room 2



The vet

Hello screeched ,baguette

Hello, replied ice block

How are you ice

I’m fine baguette

How is whooie

Who’s whooie ,asked. Ice.   your dog ,said baguette

No he isn’t his names cheesy baguette

I’m  sorry baguette but what’s your cat called

Prawncocktail ,muttered ice block

Sorry said ice block I have to go