SATS Party Day

On SATS Party Day there were multiple choices in which we could celebrate. Most weere sports [ the climbing wall , football, basketball and cricket ] , also some where quiet activities such as ipads and also dancing to some of the music.  ” Good but nervracking once I was at the top ” said Caitlyn from 6T . Finally lunch came and we all set up in groups .  Our group included Sana , Eliya , Jess , Paris and us . We also had to eat our lunch inside due to the rain .To sum this up for the whole of year 6 we had a fantastic time and would do it all again .by Molly and Chloe .

Speed camera

I learnt about road safety on Monday the 24th October 2016. I had to hold a sign that said 30mph thank you. I had to pull a guy up for speeding. He went 36mph. I was in a group of 15 and two people asked him questions. The questions were, why were you speeding? and how would you feel if you ran someone over?

Speed camera

On Monday 24th October 2016, Class 6M went onto Blackpool Road to check if anyone was speeding down the hill.

Everyone that went outside had a sign that either said 30mph or drive safely past our school. There was 15 children and 3 policemen on the path and the policemen had a speed camera to check if anyone was speeding.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, someone sped down the hill so the policemen pulled the car to the side of the road .Oliver and I were chosen to ask the man questions about why he was speeding.

Just before we went up to ask the questions we got told the man didn’t speak very 👍 Good 🇬🇧 English so we had to speak slowly. I asked what was your reason for speeding? He answered he wasn’t looking at his speed.

Oliver asked how would you feel if you ran one of us over? He has been in a crash before with his kids in the back of his car so he would of felt dreadful. Then me and Oliver asked him not to speed again.


Speed camera

We were catching people who went over the speed limit of 32 mph, they would get pulled over. We pulled over one taxi driver who said he doesn’t usually speed ! 😃 Then we caught somebody else speeding who was in the outside lane so we couldn’t catch them for safety reasons so they carried on speeding !

Speed camera

Firstly we got out of school on to Blackpool Road, we held signs saying 30 mph zone only.

We pulled over a foreign taxi driver and I asked him why he was speeding. He said that he didn’t usually speed but he needed to deliver a parcel.

We almost got another person but he was on the other side of the road.

The speed limit is important because if you don’t stick to it you may crash….

Speed Camera

Using the speed cameras was epic, I loved it. However we only caught one person, who was foreign, but he apologised instantly. It was Kitt and Oliver asking the questions and they asked “Why were you speeding in the first place?” He answered by saying that he forgot to look and his speedometer.

Speed camera

Firstly, we walked out of school and the police man gave us a sign to hold up. Mine said, drive safely please. We caught somebody and me and Kitt asked questions to the man. We asked him if he had knocked one of us over what his reaction would have been. He said that he had already been involved in an accident in the past.

Speed Cameras!!!!!

Yesterday we went out on to Blackpool Road near St. Andrew’s Primary School and there were police with us; they had speed cameras ….

We stopped one person on the road and they were not interested. We asked the man questions and he answered every question saying “I won’t do it again”.

It is important to stay under the speed limit otherwise you could knock someone over and end up in court🚗🏎🚚🚔🚓🚕🚒🚙🚑🚌🚍🚘🚖🚎🚐🚜🚋🚃🚟🚠🚡🚥🚦😯😯😡😡😊😊