Girls Football Tournament

On Tuesday  26.1.16  some girls from year 6 and year 5 went to Vida football  pitches ( astroturf )! Our first match we won 5 – 0 , our second match we lost 2 – 1, subsequently we had a few more matches .We got to the quarter finals therefore had three more matches to go ; if we lost one match we were going home …  Were do you think we came ?

The presentation finally came , it was so intense sitting and waiting for the results …. ” fourth place .. Harris Primary , third place .. St Andrews primary ” we came third we all did well ! Well done to all the girls that went on Tuesday ; congratulations !

Rugby skills

My app rugby skills will help you get better at rugby. I will update it if I feel like I’ve left a trick out. It mainly tells you tricks about contact rugby (so age eight and above) but later I will make a part for tag rugby seeing as most schools do that. I will try and improve it from my own experience as I am a member of Preston grasshoppers under 11s and we can do a bit of improving ourselves. In it you can find a link to join Preston grasshoppers one of (the best) teams of all time.

Our app!📲

Amazing baking!

Our app helps you bake delicious food for friends and family to enjoy. Our app has different cake,jam tarts and cupcakes. Oh, and don’t forget bread!

We will try to make our apps as good as it they can be, because we know that people want good quality apps to help them in life!

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Josh and Natalie’s blog

Our app is about snowboarding. This app contains a few tips and facts to help you keep your mojo.  This app will work by you clicking on the section you want to read and the fact or tip will come up on your screen.

This app will show you a numerous amount of facts and tips to help you win those championships that you always thought you could win.

I will add lots of facts and tips in my app to help people pick between a large amount so they don’t just have say 4 to pick from.

Our app!

what are app is about!

Our app is called Animal Care and  we created it to help people understand how to look after there pets. We tell you about: the food that it should be eating and how much, how much you should walk your pet,if  you have the right to own it and also how to keep it healthy and safe!


What to feed your pet!

Dogs – dog biscuits/dog treats and water.

Cats – cat biscuits/fish (boneless) and milk/water.

Fish – fish food granuals and make sure that they are in fresh clean water.

Rabbits – carrots/any healthy veg like sweetcorn and water.


How many times you should feed your pet a day!

Dogs – 3 times a day (depending on how old it is.)

Cats – 2 times a day

Fishes – 2 times and day (in the morning and evening).

Rabbits – 1 time a day but make sure that you give them plenty!


I hope that this helped you and please visit our app because it has more information about different things it is called Animal Care!

yr6 apps !!

I have been doing an app about baking because I love baking and I think you should go and check it out because it is very helpful and has loads of recipes ! However there are other year sixs’ who have done apps about baking and they have loads of recipes that you should definatly go and try out. Meanwhile other students in year six have been putting there hobbies into an app, such as: minecraft, loads of different sports, gaming tips and loads more.

My app!

This is how my app will work:

If you need to cook something all you have to do is, click on my app there is plenty of delicious recipes to go around. Lasagne, spaghetti and many more like that! There is even some baking to be done!
People will find quite useful.

Our app !!

The Super running app 3000 !!

This app gives you tips on trainers , running and techniques.It is an app designed to inspire people to run and to help people out ! It’s also created by hollie and billy !!!

Please do check out our app and hope you like it.  Leave a comment if you would like to see anything in particular from this app and if you have already looked at it !!!

There are also some inspirational quotes and pictures !!