On Monday and Tuesday 5W went to safer cycling at Ashton high school. We had so much fun, it was brilliant! What I learnt when I went safer cycling was to never ride with your brakes not working because I did a race and went so fast I sped into the railing and ended up nearly breaking my ribs (at least I came first)!
At the end of Tuesday we were practising on a fake road drawn with chalk! A police man came in and tried to help us with safer cycling everyone kept asking questions about what he has done in the past! When it was the end of the day he spoke to us about everything and to always wear our helmet so we don’t end up in hospital or even worse get brain damage! He told us to always wear fluorescent clothing so we don’t get hit by a car because they cant see us!

Sports Day

On the eventful sports day,we went to Uclan sports arena. Our class we started off with the team sac races and we all did well but individually thought. The reds and blues were doing extremely well but overall we all did well. Next we did the triple jump which I thought I was really bad at which was true but I still tried as much as I could. Eventually it turned out the yellows were the winning(which was the team I was in!)so I put in as much effort as I could and we carried on the exciting day. After that we had the long jump where whoever did the farthest jump wins into the sandpit. The blues were doing very well and I thought they were going to win until the reds started to catch up to then in the scores. Then we did the far throw so we carried on and the reds and blues were winning at that event until Mr. Martland came and read out the scores overall and the blues were winning by just a few points.

5W Safer Cycling Blog

On Monday and Tuesday 5w went Ashton high school to learn some safety tips for when we are riding on the road when we are older We leant how to put our bike on the road and get on it safely. We learnt how to slow down safely and also how to indicate properly from minor side road to main road and main road to minor road. We did that several times to make sure we knew how to do it properly. At break we got to play football and the girls got to play net ball. We did a lot of other activities after break so the teachers were sure that we knew how to ride safely without getting hurt.

Hothersall lodge!!!!!!!!!

What a great day we all had full of joy ,happiness and lots of fun .Keep on reading and you will see what 5s and 5w did at Hothersall lodge. First we got into groups and we each do different things the first thing I did was going climbing ! But before we did that we had to get our gear on us the gear we had was helmets on and we were already ready for the climbing to begin . First we got into smaller groups (I was with all my best friends ) ! The lovely workers there got out some rubber ducks and in our groups we had to compete against the other group to see who could get the most ducks in time to win the game in conclusion the other team won .then we went to climb up a big tree after that we went to jump into a river  it was so cold when I jumped in I couldn’t swim I felt like I had froze thank you

Welcome back to 4C Miss Small

Seen as Miss Calandar ,the current teacher of 4C, has left for maternity leave, Miss Small (4Cs ex teacher) has come back to teach her old class for the last half term. We are all exited to see what gender miss Calendars baby is and will all miss her dearly. Welcome back Miss Small and good look to Miss Calandar. from St.Andrews 🙂

Choir Music Evening

On Thursday last week we had a music evening lots of people performed I performed in the choir it was amazing we sang sing and open you eyes.

some people played on guitars ,violin,recoders,trumpet,trombone,saxophone,piano and keyboard.

It was amazing when the staff choir sang livin on a prear it was so funny but so amazing.

Louie was very brave and played on the guitar by his self everybody was surprised how amazing it was even I was that somebody can do so brilliant in our school well done louie.

Hothersall lodge

What a amazing time I’ve had , jumping in freezing cold water , caving , canoeing , team building , climbing , zip – wiring and so much more.

First of all we went climbing and try to ring the bell at the top of a 10 foot tree. Next we went to the lake to do canoeing (lots of people fell out of the boats). Once we had done that we then jumped in and had to kiss the water (that’s what the eskimoes did) aswell as putting our heads in the water.Then we had a great time zip – wiring

Hothersall Lodge

One Tuesday in March we went to a place called Hothersall Lodge where we did lots of things such as:

Canoeing, zip wiring, climbing and caving!

Also some of us jumped in freezing water after canoeing which made Mr Stamp shiver. In the canoeing we did some games where we had to do a race and I won!!!

After the canoeing we did some team challenges where we had to transport a golf ball across a tennis court without touching it. As well as that we tried to do a handstand in the icy water.


Evening of music (what a day)!!!!!!!

ST Andrews put on a show for all of us to kick back and relax and watch, to start us the off the sing together sang us three great songs to open the evening of music ,next was john bailey guitars  with at least 16 people performing( the stage was literally full ) first we played little by little , then we played heroes by David bowie ,we also played rynstone cowboy Shree and Stanley played  sunshine of your love and finally Shree did a solo of turn, turn ,turn .Later on in the show I played  a melody of songs and asked if the audience knew the songs