Hothersall Lodge 2016

On Monday the 16th of May, Year 5 visited Hothersall Lodge Outdoor Education Centre near Longridge. We had an action packed day of team building activities, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, caving and zip wiring. Although some of us went with some nerves and fears to overcome, we all came back feeling more adventurous and braver than ever (if a little wet and achy)!

Here are some of our pictures from the day. See if you can find any in which we aren’t having fun!

IMG_0770 IMG_0773 IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0778 IMG_0780 IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0787 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0792 IMG_0794 IMG_0799 IMG_0800 IMG_0803 IMG_0804 IMG_0805 IMG_0812 IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0817IMG_0827 IMG_0819 IMG_0820Photo 16-05-2016, 14 42 44Photo 16-05-2016, 15 56 31Photo 16-05-2016, 15 54 43Photo 16-05-2016, 15 54 37Photo 16-05-2016, 14 42 47Photo 16-05-2016, 14 19 08Photo 16-05-2016, 14 17 08Photo 16-05-2016, 14 16 38Photo 16-05-2016, 11 54 14Photo 16-05-2016, 11 45 43Photo 16-05-2016, 11 43 42Photo 16-05-2016, 11 43 05Photo 16-05-2016, 11 42 43Photo 16-05-2016, 11 41 08Photo 16-05-2016, 11 41 07Photo 16-05-2016, 11 40 05Photo 16-05-2016, 11 39 23Photo 16-05-2016, 11 38 42Photo 16-05-2016, 11 37 58Photo 16-05-2016, 11 30 58Photo 16-05-2016, 11 30 55Photo 16-05-2016, 11 28 27Photo 16-05-2016, 11 27 53Photo 16-05-2016, 11 27 44Photo 16-05-2016, 11 25 06Photo 16-05-2016, 11 24 51Photo 16-05-2016, 11 24 25Photo 16-05-2016, 11 22 36Photo 16-05-2016, 11 20 31Photo 16-05-2016, 11 20 18Photo 16-05-2016, 11 18 30Photo 16-05-2016, 11 17 51Photo 16-05-2016, 11 14 14Photo 16-05-2016, 11 12 56Photo 16-05-2016, 11 12 44Photo 16-05-2016, 11 12 38Photo 16-05-2016, 11 12 22Photo 16-05-2016, 11 12 15Photo 16-05-2016, 11 12 01Photo 16-05-2016, 11 11 58Photo 16-05-2016, 11 10 54Photo 16-05-2016, 11 09 54Photo 16-05-2016, 11 06 53IMG-20160519-WA0001IMG-20160519-WA0009IMG_0963IMG_0962IMG_0960IMG_0957IMG_0955IMG_0948IMG_0945IMG_0942IMG_0941Photo 16-05-2016, 13 11 08Photo 16-05-2016, 10 09 02Photo 16-05-2016, 10 05 06IMG-20160519-WA0006IMG_0939IMG_0935Photo 16-05-2016, 13 00 29Photo 16-05-2016, 10 53 05Photo 16-05-2016, 10 52 05Photo 16-05-2016, 10 52 00Photo 16-05-2016, 10 51 50Photo 16-05-2016, 10 45 06Photo 16-05-2016, 10 44 01Photo 16-05-2016, 10 43 09Photo 16-05-2016, 10 43 01Photo 16-05-2016, 10 41 19Photo 16-05-2016, 10 22 09Photo 16-05-2016, 10 22 04Photo 16-05-2016, 10 15 40Photo 16-05-2016, 10 12 48Photo 16-05-2016, 10 11 51Photo 16-05-2016, 10 11 42IMG-20160519-WA0007IMG-20160519-WA0001IMG_0934IMG_0931IMG_0927IMG_0925IMG_0924IMG_0921IMG_0878Photo 16-05-2016, 16 35 06Photo 16-05-2016, 16 32 22Photo 16-05-2016, 16 31 21Photo 16-05-2016, 16 30 46Photo 16-05-2016, 16 30 39Photo 16-05-2016, 16 23 48Photo 16-05-2016, 15 54 20Photo 16-05-2016, 15 53 06Photo 16-05-2016, 12 05 05Photo 16-05-2016, 12 01 02Photo 16-05-2016, 11 59 42Photo 16-05-2016, 11 58 54Photo 16-05-2016, 11 38 42Photo 16-05-2016, 11 25 42Photo 16-05-2016, 11 25 24Photo 16-05-2016, 11 21 43Photo 16-05-2016, 11 21 15Photo 16-05-2016, 11 13 41IMG_0916IMG_0912IMG_0910IMG_0909IMG_0908IMG_0907IMG_0906IMG_0902IMG_0901IMG_0900IMG_0899IMG_0898IMG_0897IMG_0894IMG_0893IMG_0889IMG_0887IMG_0886IMG_0884IMG_0883IMG_0881IMG_0876IMG_0875IMG_0874IMG_0872IMG_0871IMG_0870IMG_0866IMG_0865Photo 16-05-2016, 16 25 49Photo 16-05-2016, 16 20 50Photo 16-05-2016, 16 09 11Photo 16-05-2016, 16 07 22Photo 16-05-2016, 16 03 37Photo 16-05-2016, 16 02 12

Hothersall Lodge

On Monday 16th of May it was the day year 5 have all been waiting for Hothersall lodge!! We were all extremely excited and couldn’t wait to arrive at Hothersall education centre! My favourite activity was the canoeing because we did all sorts of races in the canoe. One of the races was when we had to go around all the buoys – pink, orange, blue and white. Another one was first to get round the first raft and drop someone off, then put someone else on the other one so they could run round. We had to get the left over person and then go around the white buoy and all touch it and my group WON. How amazing!!! Then at the end we jumped in twice, and it was the best time ever and because we were so hot and sweaty. We even had a shower and got changed. It was the best trip year 5 has ever explored!!!!!

My Best Friend

Alisha is the best friend I could ever ask for she is really Kind, Caring and most of all awesome . She helps anyone when they fall over and is a great musician. She plays Violin, Guitar, Recorder and Keyboard whereas I only play keyboard and recorder . She is a good singer and actor and really good at drama.



Friendship story

This is my story,about all of my friends. First i will tell you about Maynie i play with her every day. From now on she will be taking me home every Wednesday and dropping me of at brownies she is a very sweet girl and very clever Now i’ll tell you about Jemi she is an AMAZING friend,clever and always does what the teacher tells her. Chloe is an artist she is amazingly good at painting! she always follows the rules and incredibly good at maths. Caitlyn is three words kind, sweet and caring if someone had fallen over she would help them! Kelsey and Eden they are very intelligent gymnasts and finally Jess and Sam they are kind always help people they can crazy sometimes but they are still amazing friends!


The astonishing Sheepdog

“Come on Casper we have got work to do,” Shouted Harry, the cheery farmer of Rosemary Farm,  Casper was Harry’s outstanding sheepdog who helped hm through every day of the pleasant but laborious days on Rosemary Farm . In just a few weeks Casper would be taking part in the sheepdog trials and at the moment he was pretty appalling at all of the tasks that you have to do to go away with a glistening medal. Unfortunately at this point Casper wasn’t going to go away and leave the competition with these astonishing things and in actual fact it was probably impossible to even come even a metre near these amazing treasures. However Harry believed in his faithful companion and he would never ever give up on Casper even though it was very much impossible…

Yet nobody knew but at the end of the darkened tunnel there was hope even for Casper…

It was a misty morning one day at Rosemary Farm and it was finally the day for all the misery of the competition to take place for both Casper and the Harry the overwhelming farmer. “We have got to win today Casper I know you have not been brilliant at the practices but you have to try your hardest today for us to win a medal and come away with pride,” Explained Harry with a slight look of worry on his face. However in his mind he knew that they would be able to win it even if it took more effort than it was all worth.

Harry and Casper were half way down the roaring motorway when suddenly they came to an immediate stop. Unfortunately, the rusty, old car had broken down. Luckily, there was a petrol station not that far ahead. So Harry, who was now really worrying, rapidly got out of the car and headed in that direction. In such a rush Harry had left the car door slightly ajar, which was luck for the daring event that was soon to take place…

It was taking a immense amount of time so carefully Casper jumped up onto the seat and gazed out at the road that Harry had gone down. For miles there was not even a shadow or a tiny figure. Observing the hills ahead he could just make out a faint figure. Slowly, Casper examine the tatty, old car and then he spotted the door which was slightly ajar. Carefully, he hopped off the seat and out of the door. Now he was on the pavement and allowed his sense of smell to guide him. After a long journey through the fields Casper could make out a teeny yell coming from ahead. Then Casper  made out a faint silhouette of a gigantic hole in the ground…Then he realised that, that was where all of the yelling had been coming from. Immediately, Casper knew somebody was in trouble so he rapidly sprinted forwards towards the hole. And there Casper saw the most astonishing thing! ” Casper your here!” Yelled Harry with a look or relief on his face. ” I have dropped my phone there and it would be great if you could just nudge it down so then I can ring someone to come and get us,” Explained Harry desperately. Gently, Casper dropped the phone into the deep dark hole and they both waited patiently for somebody to come and get them.

Finally, the police came and Harry was put out of his misery as he was saved from the deep depths of the deplorable hole. Unfortunately, Casper and Harry had missed there fascinating tournament much to their despair but they were both overwhelmed when Casper received a medal of honour for finding Harry and although they hadn’t won the sheepdog trials they had won something even better!

The End.

Make a noise about bulling this week

You need to make a noise about bulling this week. Bulling needs to stop NOW. Bulling is not nice in fact it is extremely horrible.  This is a week you stop bulling right now. The world will defiantly be a nicer place . Everything you do  you control. Your actions and everything so it’s up to you to make the world a nicer place today. SO MAKE A NOISE ABOUT BULLING TODAY!



























Christmas Poem

C is for the candles that give a lovely light

H is for Happiness when we wake up in the morning

R is for reindeer on santas sleigh

I is for icicles that hang on the windows

S is for Singing carols at doors of kindly people

T is for tinsel shining on the tree

M is for Markets that sell nice Christmas things

A is for the Angel that we put upon our tree and

S is for sugar that makes us hyper on Christmas Day.

By Emily