Sports Day!

The rampaging reds glory is gone with a two year run for the brilliant blues. The yellows are dropping down to nothingness even more than usual (no offence to yellows because they are the best). Great greens moving up to second after a surprising last place for them last year.

Blues were in the lead before the races (mostly due to the unfair sack race where the bottom of the sack was ripped). Reds were clinging on to second place the greens a miniature amount of points away and the yellows obviously about a million points behind as usual. The yellows year 6’s thrashed the others at the 400m run, he blues obviously won all the sack races, the reds were phenomanel at the 100m sprint and the greens were all rounders at everything.

After the relays greens had won millions in the infants and the blues and yellows won the juniors. Then the results came in and:

Fourth: yellows

Third: reds

Second: greens

First: blues

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