Inter-School Sports Festival!

On Friday the 23/6/17 a lot of children (around about 99) took part in this sporty day, competing against other schools, playing a variety of sports EG: hockey, tag rugby and football. This took place at Uclan sports arena where an activity was always going on. After a tiring day of sports the results finally came in. St Andrews (us) came 2nd in hockey and 3rd in tag rugby. Mr Martland was very proud of us all for doing so well and showing that our school is the best (OBVIOUSLY).

Sports Day!

The rampaging reds glory is gone with a two year run for the brilliant blues. The yellows are dropping down to nothingness even more than usual (no offence to yellows because they are the best). Great greens moving up to second after a surprising last place for them last year.

Blues were in the lead before the races (mostly due to the unfair sack race where the bottom of the sack was ripped). Reds were clinging on to second place the greens a miniature amount of points away and the yellows obviously about a million points behind as usual. The yellows year 6’s thrashed the others at the 400m run, he blues obviously won all the sack races, the reds were phenomanel at the 100m sprint and the greens were all rounders at everything.

After the relays greens had won millions in the infants and the blues and yellows won the juniors. Then the results came in and:

Fourth: yellows

Third: reds

Second: greens

First: blues

Say No….Or Say Nothing!!!

On Friday, we had three people that came into our school and taught us about how to be safe online and in the real world.The two contestants were called Phoebe and Tom,the judge was called Mr FlipFlop
who was the leader of the show, SAY NO OR SAY NOTHING!The two contestants then competed on how well they
new the online world and the real world.But there definitely was a winner………TOM!!!It was highly clear,Tom got ten out of ten,and phoebe got zero,not the hero.And that was the end of say no or say nothing!

Say NO or say NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had three people come into school to put on a gameshow for us,the two contstants, Phoebe and Tom,competed to see who would be more safe out and about and online. In the gameshow (run by Mr Flipflop) had a clear winner …….. TOM. Whearas Pheobe didn’t approve of this until she realised how dangerous the internet can really be.

Safer cycling (not so safe)

Safer cycling didn’t go to plan as the complete opposite of last year, rain kept on showering down onto our bikes and it was not as safe as planned. But last year it was extremely hot Mr Stamp was getting sun tanned!!!

We still had heaps of fun despite weather issue! Me and Billy were in different groups but we met up with each other at lunch and discussed how much we’d learnt during the day.

We helped 5W in DT

On Wednesday and Thursday we helped 5W in DT and they were making a miniature wooden shelter ,that would be for children if it was bigger! They were also allowed to put materials on(Felt, paper and card) to make their shelters look  fancy and  block the sun , if it was real,. It was fun helping ;also annoying because some people wanted us to saw! On the other hand some people wanted us to give ideas and get them the materials that they needed. It was boring because not allot of people didn’t want us to help them. Overal it was fun but sometimes boring!

Hothersall Lodge !

On Tuesday the 7/3/17 Year five went on a school trip to Hothersall-Lodge to do loads of activities like canoeing, climbing,caving, team challenges and more! We got put into three groups (10 5S and 10 5W) with 2 teachers – one had Mr.Woolat&Mrs.Dixon, one had Mr.Stamp&Miss.Small and then one with Mrs.Grealis&Mrs.Nash-and stayed as them all day. At canoeing we did some racing then we went into the water and gosh it was absolutely freezing and it was the coldest water I had ever been in. Then we ‘jumped of the jeti’ into the freezing water below and went to dry of in the changing rooms.After that we went to do climbing and caving ,first of all we went to the tree climbing place and did some abseiling down the trees. Then we went to the indoor activities to do the indoor caving which had three floors but I only found up to the second one then went to the upstairs bit which had a mini balcony that had a zip-wire of the end which was around six meter’s high which went really long and it was cool seeing everything. At the end, we went back to school and school had long finished so it was silent! When our parents had come we went home smiling with joy and telling them what we had been up to. They were virtually enchanted by the news!

It was a great day,


safer cycling

Once upon a few days ago,us 5S, were at Ashton high school doing our cycling proficiency and it was raining cats and dogs (who were VERY angry at each other).Obviously we weren’t alone we had help from Mr.Stamp, Mrs.Grielis, Mrs.Night, Mrs.Nash and not forgetting Miss.Biscombe who all were important parts of our fun two days.If I’m going to be very honest with you … we made so many mistakes we probably would be dead in the first few minutes if we were doing it seriously, we need a lot more training.On the second day we had races, there was a fast race and a slow race (in the slow race you weren’t aloud to put your foot down) In first place for fast was Lucy.A and Luke came second. In the slow race Charlie came first and Emma came second (she put her foot down).:)

safer cycling !!!

The Safer Cycling days were amazing [except for the rain] luckily we bought waterproof coats. We learnt how to ride on roads using left and right turn signals, learning how to stop safely with a signal, what to do at a junction, putting our bikes on the road then setting off safely [we had to do 7 things before we could start cycling!] On the second day it wasn’t much better, raining for a quarter of the day. In the afternoon the teachers made a road for us to ride on to help us get used to cycling on a real road. At the end of the day we played some games with a slow race and a fast race – the winner of the fast race was Lucy Angus on Isaac H’s bike and the winner of the slow race being Charlie Harrison, Stan coming close behind.

cycling in the rain – Megan and Kaycie

During Safer Cycling we did drills of riding on the road including left turns, right turns, moving round parked cars, getting on our bikes safely on the road, setting of safely,stopping safely and signalling. Mr.stamp set up a road system with give way and stop signs, major and minor roads. All 26 of us went onto the road system at the same time it was very busy and chaotic but really fun. It was very wet but it was a great experience. On the last day of safer cycling we got to do a fast and a slow race. Lunch was awesome too because we got to listen to Queen on the computer ( Kaycie’s favourite band ever) and watch TV ( my little pony ) and I – Megan – had a twix and Kaycie had skittles! Overall it was a great experience.