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My trip to South Lakes Zoo by Zander Addison

Today I went to the zoo where I got to see a lot of animals. I went with my cousins. We got to see the Zebra’s who were eating the green grass. We saw Lemurs that were cheeky and jumped on the pram. We saw an ostrich that looked like a ballet dancer. We saw penguins swimming and we saw tigers and monkeys that smelt funny, like gas. We got to feed the giraffes, peacocks, ducks, geese, kangaroos, and the emu’s. Me and my cousin Spencer went on the play area. I asked my mum if I can go again and she said it’s likely that we will.

Sam in the amazon

One day there was a boy called Sam he loved to explore.  So one day decided to go to the amazon rain forest ,when he got there he went swimming in the mercy amazon river above the tall green trees.  At night he pretended to be a dancer and had a stove that ran on gas.  Day after day he would explore the amazon. He said “It’s not likely your going find anything new.”  But he did find a new species of poison dart frog! And the news went worldwide and Sam became famous all over the world.

Rachel’s day

One day Rachel was probably going to have a boring day. She went to talk to her mum because she was likely to have an idea. Her mums idea was to go swimming so of they went but on the way they ran out of gas. Luckily they were right next to a gas station. They got some more gas. Next Rachel went to learn how to be a dancer when she got there she put on her green tutu.she went to her teacher and her teacher showed her how to do a proper twirl and that was Rachel’s day.

Out of gas

It’s the summer holidays and me and my family decide to go to the caravan. The first thing we do when we have unpacked is to go swimming. Then we went back to the caravan to have lunch but the cooker wouldn’t work so it was likely that it was out of gas. We went to find a man that could bring us more gas, but got lost and ended up in the dancer’s dressing room just as they were putting on their green outfits. We quickly ran away and they didn’t notice. We found the gas man who then came to fix the cooker so we could have lunch.

Gummy bear go

There once was a bear called Gumball. Gumball really liked swimming, he was probably the best swimmer in the world and he was likely to win all the competitions. His friend had green skin and he was a dancer. Here’s a fact about gumballs friend, he produced a lot of gas. When  the two were watching TV somehow there was a shadow behind them they did not see it but just then Gumball saw it.Gumball was super scared, he was shivering like mad! His friend was saying what’s up butter cup. Gumball didn’t answer he was still frightened he whispered really slowly.his friend said ah!





Candy maniac

Once in a world.Candy land to be exact and in that world their was a maniac (who let out a lot of GAS). He was a GREEN Blob Who hacked into a lot of people’s DANCER phone(that’s what they were most LIKELY to be called in candy land).One day when the GREEN blob was SWIMMING he stole somebody’s DANCER phone!! Well I suppose he was a hacker, and changed the phone number to his! But obviously the gummy bare kept trying to get hold of that person but because he changed phone number it kept ringing the blobs phone. So luckily the Blob learnt his lesson.

The Little Green alien.

Once upon a time there was a green alien who was called Jeff, one day Jeff decided he wanted to start swimming so he went to ask his mum and dad but his mum and dad said no because they thought he was a very good dancer and he was in a school dance team called the green team that were very good and likely to win the biggest trophy you have ever seen in the dancing finals.

One day after his dance practice he was walking home from school and saw a big green cloud of gas coming out of the ground and straight towards him.


Today we are going swimming ,we go swimming every Friday. I don’t like swimming. I’d rather be a dancer. The boys all eat beans then made lots of gas in the pool. They think it’s funny. It makes me feel a bit green. I don’t think it is very likely that I will be able to avoid going swimming though. But I do get to wear my new swimming costume. It looks like a dancers leotard but it’s not green. Green is not my favourite colour. My mum was a dancer. She was a professional. She won the world cup. She loved dancing. I love dancing to. I want to be a professional too.