Dancer and Prancer 100wc

Once two dogs of the city were owned by a kind man called Mr Smith a vet so he knew how to look after them. The dogs names were Dancer and Prancer.

On this journey fly sail in a green rowing boat and one dark and dreary night the two dogs and Smith set sail across the seven seas but the ship sank so they had to start swimming and it was likely that they were going to  DROWN  but they swim for days and nights.In the distance a bomb set light and a gas traveled the sky.


St. Andrews C of E Primary School

St. Andrews is a kind and caring school with a loving eye at all times. As a school we are always thinking of others.We disagree with selfishness and are respectful to others if they’re children or adults.

We like our sport and do well. We also achieve many goals for sport that we set ourselves. We do very well in tournaments and come high in the results.

We are known as a school that sings and actually enjoy it. We are also enthusiastic and are jolly.

But the most important things come now…

We are respectful

We are not rude

We are jolly…

and lots more

St. Andrews Primary School is a place to enjoy and have good memories about.


Today is world book day and I came as willy Wonka because it is Roald Dahl 100th birthday. Roald Dahl has written great books like Charlie and the chocolate factory and Matilda. Also he is the no.1 storyteller for his books and poems. My favourites of Roald Dahls books is Charlie and the chocolate factory then the twits. He is also my 2nd favourite author 1 place after Jeff Kinney. His favourite colour is yellow and he was 1916 and died in 1990. He was in world war 2  and got serious injurys  like a broken back. His books will be loved forever, thanks Roald Dahl!!!!!!!!!

World Book Day

Today is world book day and I am dressed up as willy Wonka because is  100 years of Roald Dahl books. I love roald dahl like the twits and the magic finger.I am from Charlie and the chocolate factory because I love the story. There are a lot of people dressed as willy wonka and a lot more other costumes.he is my first favourite story teller and second is jeff kinney from diary of a wimpy kid.It were roald dahls 100th birthday on 13th of September.He wrote a lot of books in his shed.He had serious injurys from the world war 2 when he was in a aircraft and broke his back.


100 word challenge/swimming lessons.

When I went swimming with school, for the first time, I looked at the water and thought “Why is the water so green?” Then I thought, “Maybe it is so green because of the gas coming from that vent under- water?” There was one girl, I can not remember her name, who was a great dancer in the water but she got moved up from our group to a higher group. It was most likely that me and Harry were never going to move up but surprisingly Harry moved up and then 5 or 6 seconds later I moved up as well, Hooray!

By Joe B

100 word challenge – Sasha

This story is about a young girl named Ruby who was a dancer but she loved swimming. Everything was great until one day when she was going to her local swimming pool and an old lady who looked ill said the swimming pool was full of some green gas so she setted off  home. Ruby turned around and tripped! Unfortunately a more than likely to be dangerous yellow minion came over and took her to a damp door . Behind it was a crowd including Grew ,Bob and Stuart having a huge party! Nobody has seen her since.

The End

100 word challenge 2 HarryL

Once upon a time there was a green dragon called Fred. He was a dancer who was likely to fail at swimming because he was scared of water. One day he was flying in the air when he looked down and saw water and Fred screamed and crash bang into a mountain. He landed in a lake(that was twice as small as him) and he shouted HELLP ME!!!! The next day Fred was sick and did not cough up fire, instead he coughed up gas! The day after that Fred put a thermometer  in his mouth and it red 200 degrees Celsius.

100wc num.2

Once up on a tme there was a girl called bethany she was 7 years old.Her pashon was dancing  she was enspierd by dancing from age 3 umtil this day her parents were so proud of her.But when she was 5 years old on her parents anerversery  the restraunt that they went to had a faulty machine and it let out some green gas and sadly they past away.But there is one thing that bethany is not very good at and that is swimming she was likely to be the worst in the year she was likely to be the wors in the year she was VERY VERY  embaressed.

Joshua 100WC

One day in the middle of summer Josh, Daniel and Charlie were trying to find something to do. They had just been to tryout for the local football team. This team wore green and white striped shirts. It was very likely that they would all make the team.
It was such a hot day they really needed to cool down. So they decided to find a swimming pool. They would normally go to Westfield but decided to go to Fulwood leisure centre. When they got to the pool Clara from school was walking past she is a dancer, she told them the pool was closed because there had been a gas leak.