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Things I have been doing in French

In French we have been doing the alphabet in French double vey is my favourite it is also the letter w


In science we have been learning about what food we need to put into our body.I will tell you the different types of food groups there are.Carbohydrates stash is one of them and carbohydrates sugar is another one.protein is one as well also fibre and water .water is the most important one of all . You will need allot of rest otherwise you will have no energy to get exercise. You will be very sleepy if you don’t have any rest.


In P.E we have been doing  gymnastics with Mrs Richardson.It has been very fun.


In computing we were posting nice coments to our class mates.We were watching a video of Kerry in the amazon rainforest.


Fancy doing some swimming ? Well some places have 2 swimming pools . In lanzorote there are 2 swimming pools 1 hot and 1 sea water .

Rainforest facts

My rainforest facts . It is very hot when it rains . It is very dark .There are some poisionus animals. It is near the equator. There are allot of animals there. Some animals can be dangerous.