Fun days

We did Roman day ,sports day ,sponsered  spell then we sing our little hearts out at the music festival. we March ,we sing ,we spell,then we have fun days with miss Small, then let’s yell! What a fantastic two weeks I had fun with all my friends and Miss Small because they cheered  me on at sports day. So they were the best days of my life because on sports day my team WON which was the blue team Hip Hip Huray!

The end


Spoman Spellings

Sports day

on Thursday we had the most fun was sports day every body was excited.

there was:

.sack race

.long jump

.tripple jump


.speed race

roman day:

on Wednesday it was Roman day,my friend Luke got to dress as a Roman solder he even got to wear underwear and got to hold a sword.

we did:

.wax tablets



Sponsord spellings:

on Friday we did sponsord spellings we did 50 words here are a few:







also we played around the world and look at me now blogging. . . . . . .

Sports day

On sports day it was really good because there’s lots of events such as 400m run 100m run speed jumming,acrasy throwing , the triple jump, the far jump (1) obstical run and relays and more . But I didn’t win , 1st =blues 2nd = reds 3rd = yellows  4th = greens . I liked the obstical run beacuse u run jump over things and go through hoops and balance a coit on your head there were a 400m run and I came 6th.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roman day

What a fantastic week! On Wednesday we had to dress up as Romans .In the morning we made wax tablets,shields and I made a braclet.In the afternoon we met a Roman soldier and played games in the first position was being a defender then I was an atacker then we went back to the classroom.ethan was called Bob Luke climbed up the soldier and put on linin underpants then he put on his armour on.

Roman day


On Wednesday I had the best day of my life !!  The Roman dressed me up and put underpants on me  (LOL) we dressed up as Romans (never done that at scool befor ).  For lunch we had Roman wine and it was flavoursome also we got to meet a rehl Roman he put his hand up and this is how big you have to be a Roman the I climbed him

Year 3 Roman day

On Roman day it was fun because we met a Roman soldier and we got to play a game and there was a bag of armour and you had pass it round without dropping it , it was heavy and I didn’t drop the bag we also did things in the morning like a wax tablet and a shield

My fantastic 1st ever Roman day!💖😜

On Wednesday 29th June everybody came dressed as a Roman and we made wax tablets, bracelets, helmets,wreaths and shields.Also in the afternoon we met a Roman soldier and when he wanted a volunteer Ethan wanted to do it he was then re-named Bob.Bob was about to die because Bob had been naughty.Because that’s what they do when Romans are naughty.

Then he wanted another volunteer and Luke wanted to so he got re- named Stewy and he got to wear all the Romans uniform and when he said you need to be a certain height Stewy climed on the Roman soldier.Then we played a quick game with shields.