Bake off!

Wow! What a talented bunch of bakers you are. All the entries were fantastic…very hard to judge but so tasty, I certainly didn’t need my lunch today!

Thank you for all your efforts and to your parents for their support in this event.

Mrs Richardson 👍 🍰 🍩 🍪


Faith Fortnight

We are nearing the end of Faith Fortnight…3RW I have been so proud of the effort you have put into learning about Easter, Easter around the world and the Islamic Faith.

Maleeha and Faizaan, your passion and commitment to your faith is wonderful to see. We are privileged to be given first hand information and I think I speak for everyone when I say, I have had lots of fun learning about your faith. I hope I will begin to pronounce things better soon!😂

Easter story

People waving palm leaves

All the Jews shouting Hosana in the highest

Lay down your palm leaves

Meeting the KING

Shouting for Joy

Unbelievable the king is here

Not everyone is happy

Donkey is coming through

All the priests were angry

Yay Jesus is here.


People crowding around to see Jesus

All people are praying

Lay down  your clothes

Made people cry

Some people cried with happiness

Unbelievable some not

Now He will die to take sins away

Days past by

Always a nice day