Roman day

Wednesday 29th was Roman day and we learnt a lot we even learnt how to attack are enemies and how to protect are selfs in a formation with Roman shields. In the after noon we did lot’s of art we made bracelets,shield,wax tablets,helmet.


Roman day!

What a fun day!Wednesday 29th June, the first thing  I did was get my outfit ready.I excitedly woke my Mum and Dad up and we went down stairs.We got the shield and stuck a handle on then I put my other stuff on which was:  my cape,brown sticks,a white dress,my sawd and my shield! Then I had break fast hoping it wold not spill on my outfit.Luckily it didn’t spill. After that I went to break fast club so I saw a lot of  people dressed up as Roman’s including Alice, Jo and Jason, Libby and Layer.A Roman soldier  came in and told us fascinating information about the army!

Roman day

On the 29 June, a Roman soldier came in he told us that if you do something  bad and he catches you , you would have to put you in to prison and in 2 weeks time you get let out but only to get eaten by lots of wolves!!!

We were all dressed up as Romans its was sooooooo fun. We all made shields but not real ones and some of us made something like crowns but they were called something else, we also made wax tablets I am going to write “I love my family” on mine.

World War Two day

On World War Two day we did cooking,and we were looking at some artefacts, dance and when we were dancing we were pretending that bombs were dropping down onto our houses and we would of have to put on our gas masks and escape before we would die and there was a sad song where we had to leave our family.

Roman day

On Roman day a Roman  man came in school last week and he was telling us all about Roman day and it was really good!

At lunchtime, I tried a date but I didn’t like it so I tried bread with honey and that was tasty!

World war 2 day

On Tuesday 5 July, we did World War 2 day, we all dressed up like we were in World War 2- I was a warden lots of people were dressed up as evacuees. We sang, danced and we made carrot cookies- they sounds disgusting but they were really nice! We sang a song called ‘Run Rabbit’ and we danced to the music, but it was a bit more drama than dance.